By Brenda Harley


Are you feeling the buzz? The higher frequencies are here, assisting all of us, whether we are aware or not. Physically you may be experiencing a constant humming in the ears or a sensation of vibrations moving throughout the body. Emotionally many are in the middle of much loss, as the old starts to fade away. For many there has been a disruption in their physical system that is forcing a retreat from life; a slowing down, allowing the alignment to proceed. There is no need for concern, as all is proceeding perfectly for each one of us. For those who are on the journey of remembering more and more of their multi-dimensional selves, the journey of late has been intense to say the least; an extreme test of faith, as our karmic past dissolves into the present. There is a moment of reunion where our future selves and our past ghosts are integrating to allow a choice from our higher selves to be expressed. No one will be left behind. This time around, all of earth will be ascending as one, to our true vibratory state. So what does this mean for most of us?


The new moon in Scorpio on the 26th signalled a potent opportunity to plant something brand new, in this pivotal seeding time between now and the gateway of the 11:11:11. Yesterday, in NYC, there was an unprecedented gathering of Mayan Elders who have come out of their relative seclusion to criss-cross the United States, travelling with the ‘13 crystal skulls’ and holding sacred ceremonies along the way. The journey ends in Los Angeles on November the 11th with a final ceremony, due to be broadcast live in the Great Pyramid on the solstice, December the 21st of 2012. Now I don’t mind one way or the other if you believe or not, as there is nothing to sell here. You are either aware of the Mayan prophesy and of the 9th wave ending or you probably are feeling some fears or trepidation with all of the hoopla about 2012 and the end of the world! Me, I prefer believing that we are on the brink of a new beginning, one never before experienced on planet earth and I am happy to forgive myself for not remembering all the details from the last time around, which was after all, some 26, 000 years ago. So lighten up, enjoy the ride, be kind to each other and remember that all of life is on our side! Yes, indeed, we are the ones that we have all been waiting for and as usual, our children are always leading the way. So me and mine are curling up today and enjoying this momentary respite with lots of hot tea and honey. The sore throats will resolve themselves in due coarse; after all there are costumes to create….and worlds too!


Brenda is a New Energy Facilitator who works with sacred sound to assist those who are waking to their divine natures. Private and group sessions are available. Contact or call 450-458-3079.