Thank you to both Nadine and Jim Self for this timely reminder! Even thought I am very much aware of the increased need for this simple remedy, sometimes my symptoms like to play a bit and help me forget…so for me and perhaps you, enjoy….phew…. the re-balancing going on deep in our cellular structures and pour yourself another one! Brenda

Water My Elixir

ByNadine,N.D., C.N.S


Hellooo…  Can you hear me?  This is your body speaking.  In a recent class with Jim Self, I heard him talk about the importance of water especially in this time of the Shift.  As your body, I thought I would add my two cents worth as well.


WATER is very important to us and vital to our overall health and wellbeing.  Our human body is anywhere from 55% to

78% water depending on our size.  I am proud to say that two-thirds of our body is comprised of this glorious nutrient, making it my main component.  Did you know that 90% of our brain consists of water, so when I have a headache the first thing I really want is my main ingredient?  Our tissues and organs are mainly water as well.  Here is the breakdown:


1. Our muscles consist of 75% water

2. Our brain is 90% water

3. Our bones are 22% water

4. Our blood is 83% water


By drinking a healthy amount of water on a daily basis, I can assist us with things like fat metabolism or the relief of muscle cramps.  When you give me my ‘elixir’ I am pretty coool.  To help you better understand how vital water is within me, here are a few key functions:


 Water transports Nutrients (good stuff) INTO our cells

 Water transports Oxygen INTO our cells

 Water transports Toxins (the yuk stuff) OUT of our cells

 Water moisturizes the air in our lungs (I love this) PLEASE

 Water helps me protect our vital organs (yeah baby!)

 With water our organs can then absorb nutrients better

 I am able to metabolize fat better with water

 Our joints are protected and moisturized with water

 Water regulates our body temperature so we are happy!


Can you see why I am letting you know that every cell in our body needs water from head to toe?  Our basic (minimal) needs are 64 ounces of water a day or 8 cups!  I metabolize fat better with double that amount.  After 64 ounces of pure water, I can make herbal tea work.  (You can contact Dr Nadine for a yummy ‘fat flush’ drink as well.)

One day I heard another body say “I’m not thirsty so I don’t drink water.”  I gotta tell ya, ‘thirst’ is the last indicator that I need water! Trust me on this.  When you feel fatigued, I need water.  Water, my elixir, is a source of energy.  When you give me my elixir I will give you a boost of energy.  When you have a headache, I need water.  When I am cranky, I need water.

Here are a few more clues as to when I am in need of water:


 When my Urine is dark and/or smelly, I do not have enough water to process

the toxins within me.  I need your help.

 When my skin is dry, I am trying to tell you I am parched.  By the way, did I tell you that our skin is considered our third Kidney?  It is also our largest organ and needs my elixir.

 I leave white spots on our skin (say after pressing our thumb on our arm) or rings on our ankles or waist to let you know I am lacking hydration.

 I use ‘thirst’ as a last sign to get your attention.  If we have hair growing on our tongue or bad breath, pleeease, give me some water.

 Sometimes I will even attack our muscles and make them cramp up or jump all over the place to let you know that we are dehydrated.

 I also let you know we are dehydrated by pulling out all the water from our colon.  You consider it constipation; I consider it a necessary act to help me find my elixir.



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