Brenda Harley


Such a lovely evening last night; beginning with the choice to say yes to buying the tickets some time ago and continuing into the choice to order out Indian food before going out. The live music was exhilarating and to know that I am taking part somehow in this re-balancing going on right here in our small town, right here in this magnificent body of mine, well, I believe that Steve Jobs really got it right when he summed up his transitioning experience with these words, “oh wow, of wow, oh wow!” Yes, it is and all we have to do is say “yes” to life, feeling all that it holds for us, which at this particular moment for most holds a lot of discomfort. But hey, ask an oyster how that grain of sand must have felt!


We are in a moment of choice; a transition point between the old and the new. It is not out there somewhere; it is right here, right in the center of you. It is loud now and it is constant and asking you to pay attention. “What is wrong with me?” it keeps repeating, “what is wrong with me? Where have I given my power away?” If it is with food, like me, then you are pretty much unable to digest most of anything, in the old way, but bring some real joy in as you eat and watch what happens. It is magical. It was never the type of food that we chose it was the reason behind the choice; the fears that were driving the choice. This is what is revealing itself to us now as we prepare to walk through the doorway of the 11:11:11 as fully illumined beings.


Each one of us now is facing our own unique experiences and must walk the path of wholeness back to ourselves our own way. There is no one way to ascend, other than to believe in yourself fully and reclaim all the ways that you gave power away to outside forces. Believe in you and make a choice to come fully home into this moment in time with you, all of YOU. Be with your story, as it shows itself, and make a choice, if ready, and if not; make it when you are, for there is no hurry and no time. All of life supports us all the time, no matter what it looks or feels like. Challenge the ways that you feel powerless or worthless and find out what is true for you. You might be pleasantly surprised!


Authentic, joyful expressions of you are waiting and are only one breath away. Steve Jobs knows now and we can too! It is an amazing opportunity being offered us with this journey called ascension, as we descend even more into our physical bodies with every breath that we consciously take and every choice that we make, empowered by this very breath. Welcome home! Breathe now, so gently, flowing in and flowing out, breathe, yes, yes.