By Brenda Harley

I love how I hear music, as soon as I connect to a feeling inside, helping to birth an idea that I would like to share; the spark of creativity alive and well. As I sat for a moment preparing to write this message, simply taking that conscious breath, I knew in that instant where this was headed. I heard the melody fill my head and then I was falling…in love, with you! Well those are the lyrics anyway, and Alisha was clearly falling for someone, but for me, lately, it has been more about falling for me, which incidentally leads to more to share with others!

It has been the most challenging time for me physically these past few months, my body and I have never been the best of friends. It has held me like a hostage dependant on its whims; never could I count on it when I really needed to. Over and over again I had built this experience of mistrust within myself and the final cleansing was due. Clearly I had promised myself a renewed sense of freedom before entering the potentials being offered with this 11:11:11 gateway; an astrological event last seen over 26, 000 years ago. Who is in charge here my physical body kept asking? If it is you, your true soul self, then why do you keep agreeing to these manipulative games played by your body to keep you small and powerless, disconnected from your soul? “They are not real you know,” my soul kept whispering. Finally I began to listen and to question this deeply held belief. In no time at all, my physical and I entered into a brand new relationship and it is extremely happy now to have me back in the driver’s seat.

So how had this happened for me? Well I had woken early one morning, after a relatively long time trapped in discomfort and I had remembered my dream, where I witnessed myself pulling around one of those little doggies on a string and realized that I had been allowing my body to be the one pulling and directing, yet is could only pull me around in circles based upon its past experiences. How could I expect anything else? It was one of those big ‘aha’ moments! Only my soul has a broader experience from which to pull and choose direction, only my soul can guide me forward towards something new. OOPS! I had almost forgotten the most important piece in my own life creation: me, all of me. But I didn’t quite….I hear laughter now… I am here now and this is what I am here to do; to remind others that how this is happening for them is appropriate. That indeed, the only way back is to go through. There can be no wrong moves in this grand journey of remembrance.

So how special to be sitting here, typing away on this pivotal date in time, with the illumination of a full moon, triply blessed. All of us are being invited to embrace the fullness of our own hearts desires. It is here, right here, and held deep inside all of us who are reading or are connecting to this new energy in any way to open our hearts wide and begin our true work; supporting the evolution of our beloved planet and all of her inhabitants! We are the wisdom keepers and it is time to shine. Can you feel it? Welcome home.