By Brenda Harley


As I sit here, contemplating whether or not to write this week, I feel both the emptiness of not knowing and the joy that flows in as I do. Ultimately it is for me; I write because I have gifted myself with another experience of life, another week to document what it is like to be a human being, going through this incredibly challenging process of integrating the divinity within. It sounds so lovely. It is not. It takes so much heart, so much self trust and courage to dive again and again into our own darkness, for this is where our divinity hides.


The God in us, Goddess energy, lies dormant, until the spark of life breathes into us so deeply that the activation begins, it begins right where we have left off in another lifetime, where we have failed, so to speak, to be all that we are; to remember ourselves fully. So another lifetime, another opportunity to fall again into the pit of separation and powerlessness or maybe this time, remember a little bit more of our own truth, no one else’s. Like everything else under the sun, all of life evolves at its own speed, yet is always moving forward.


Since 1987, these past twenty-five years have been one continuous series of planetary alignments, allowing higher and higher frequencies to enter earth’s gravitational field. It has been a difficult time for many, those who entered, holding frequencies in their bodies which helped to stabilize the outer world were the most adversely affected. For some it was in their physical bodies, for others it hit more where they were connected into the old energy grid; in business perhaps or their personal connection to finances. No matter which way you have encountered a sense of defeat and been asked to rise up somehow and define for yourself who you are and how you behave in life, it has been your work at this time; your offering to the planetary re-balancing. It is now over. We have done what we promised and life as we know it has begun to shift. All of what we are now witnessing is a part of the plan, nothing is occurring randomly, as this choice point was met. Enough of us have reached our own critical mass to choose change, that’s all, change; the desire for something better. That is all that it takes. The consciousness of planet earth has risen and all of life is now making the necessary adjustments.


The only place to watch now is within. Are you trusting or resisting life? Are you allowing your fears to dictate your choices or have you let go into a flow of life, which is more loving, flexible and uncertain than ever before; not easy and yet magical too! The energies of the 11/11/11 gateway have opened the realms of higher guidance. It is a deep well of trust found only inside. The darkness holds our divinity safe, waiting until we are ready to explore the demons at our own door. This new moon in Sagittarius has us all looking at the big picture and asking some very big questions. Yes, the last few months have been dark and difficult, but we have crossed the threshold, life is about to get very interesting. On that note, I hear the ending song coming in, “we’ve only just begun….to fly…blue sky and promises!”