By Brenda Harley


I began this morning by doing things differently. It started with my wondering about the morning coffee ritual, such a lovely connector time between my partner and I, yet I felt the lack of desire for the actual substance. Still I love the joy of his offering, so I decided to just let it unfold. This morning however, he did not offer and I realized that he was not making the traditional second cup for himself either… hmmm. Then he asked if I would like some boiled eggs, “lovely” I replied. Already the day was feeling slightly out of the ordinary.


Soon after eating, he was off to do some errands and I settled in to enjoy a phone call with a dear friend who has moved away. Feeling into her expansive awareness after the call, I thought a walk might be in order. These last few weeks of intense energy shifts with my physical body responding on such a deep level has left me feeling very slow, yet not low, with little outward focus. I have enjoyed this breathing space very much, however this morning it is cold and I felt no desire whatsoever to be out in it. What I really wanted was a connection to my body and realized that some yoga would do the same thing. As I moved, breathing deeply into each posture, I felt as though I finally understood the union between body and breath; the postures, each one so perfectly demonstrating our journey, each one able to show me clearly where the restrictions are still felt in my body. It was a new experience for me and I rejoiced in the simplicity of life. It is all right here, held safely in the deepest parts of us and ready to reveal itself as we are; no mistakes. I have loved my time in the classes of others, but now it is time to enter my own.


All of us are on this journey together, each one in our own experience of awareness, each one perfect as we are with no need to change or grow. So much external pressure exists on us to behave in certain ways, to believe in certain things, with each culture, each religion certain that they hold the key; this need to be right or superior somehow is driving so much of our lives. Gandhi’s “be the change that you want in your life” is still the best advice that I have ever been heard. To stop war we must be so peaceful within, that any attack only brings forth our truth. It is only as each one of us shifts from being in a reactive state outside of our control, where we continually find something or someone else to blame for what is happening to us, is the beginning. Finding a deep and genuine response to what is coming at us is the only way to affect true change; “as within, so without’.


With so many ones, the number of beginning, showing up with this last energetic wave of the 11:11:11….I am feeling a real sense of newness beginning to take root in me and I notice the same in everyone I know. So let’s all stop looking backwards and join in with all the wonderfully expansive new “pay it forward” endeavours some way this holiday season. If something good is happening for you, perhaps finding a way to share it in some way will accelerate the momentum. Sharing freely is a wonderful energy enhancer. Then simply stand back to witness all the ways that the joy floods right back into you. Expect the unexpected and prepare yourself, because here, anything is possible!