By Brenda Harley


Can it be December already? Time has seemed to slow down of late and speed up all at the same time. It feels as though my waking life has become a dream and that my dreams are now starting to show up in my day to day life. As I walked last night under the rising moon, so full and so bright, I felt such a joyous fullness in me; a sense of completion and fulfillment, that no matter what tomorrow brings, I am fully here now and receiving the gift of this present moment. I felt so grateful and wondered if others were feeling it too. Just then I bumped into someone that I have worked with and her joy was bubbling too, as she shared how wonderfully her life was moving in the direction that she wanted. She was feeling positive and happy, looking forward to her future. I was delighted to have run into her; to have been on the receiving line. It feels now as though everything is beginning to make more sense and that the difficult contractions have not been in vain!


This planetary expansion has brought with it so much hardship, as the old structures continue to crumble and fade. “Who are you,” we have been asked again and again. For those who are leading the march into a new level of expanded awareness, the completion and proof of our new alignments will be easier to find; the connections now will stick and assist the forward movement. All are invited to open to the new potentials swirling around us.


The full Gemini moon, in the sign of communication, illuminates all that we are ready to express. It is a time to be truthful within ourselves, so that our offering contributes rather than criticises. Conscious collaboration requires both sides to be radically honest with themselves first, in order to create anything of true value and the many preparations of Christmas time will give us all ample time to test our skills and own where we each have work to do. No longer will it be tolerable to sit on the sidelines waiting, the building phase is upon us. We are in the final lead up to 2012 with our earths’ center and our galactic core coming into perfect alignment; an event that happens once every 26,000 years! Yes, this solstice holds a very unique promise, as we enter fully this new Age of Aquarius and open our hearts to the dreams held within. Each one of us has a valuable contribution. So this Christmas, I invite you to BE the present that you are, own how you affect everyone around you, notice and you can make a choice to be part of the growing movement that has a powerful effect on all of life. As we each are able to fully embrace who we are, we become part of the updraft and can help uplift those around us.  It starts right here, with me, with you. Merry Christmas! May the love of you shine through always. It has been such a joy sharing. Thank you, Brenda.