Energy Posting


By Brenda Harley

So here we are in 2012….twenty five years after 1987…and all of us who are here to assist in this global re-set; this magnificent shift of consciousness, where we finally liberate ourselves from our fear based egoic mental controls and enter into our heart space more fully, becoming the heart centered humans that WE ARE, are here now and FINALLY running the show! Wow….magnificent…has it been easy? Hell no! In fact that is precisely where we have been, each one of us experiencing our own unique blend of restrictive and extremely limited energies, so that we could come in matching where we left off and begin again, this time with the promise of victory held firmly in our hearts, our sword of truth held high. This time we came in to succeed, this time we are here to experience our own magnificence.

WE are powerful creative Gods, each one of us. No one is any different, some may be younger in their experiences of life here on planet Earth, but all are here to give themselves the gift of physicality. All of us are here to simply experience life; the good, the bad and the ugly, it makes no difference and if we so desire, the joy and the expansion too. All is but a simple choice.

Oh I can hear you now, “yes but!” Congratulations, this is exactly why YOU have come. Feel it, this yes but….feel it, breathe into it so fully and invite all of you home now. This is the unique opportunity that we are being offered in 2012, a year of power; a year to open and say, “YES”, once again, to say yes to life; to all of it and to allow it to come back in to be received by you, this magnificent gift of YOU. Yes, it will be frightening, it will feel overwhelming at times, for we have never been here before. So gift yourself with the support of a safe and comforting space to explore all the parts of you waiting to come home, allow it to feel good and show up in whatever form is easiest for you. You are not alone, have never been alone, the feelings are merely the shadows of our experiences living these many lifetimes separated from our own divinity.  YOU will find supports in the most amazing places. “Can you open to receive?” is all that you are being asked. Can you? Breathe now and feel all of you. It is an inner knowing that speaks when we are ready. It is an arduous task and you will be challenged on every level of your being and is not for the initiate who is still fully centered in the mind. There is no right, no wrong for we have all the time we ever need. It is the simplest and most joyful thing that you will ever do for yourself and your life will begin to change in the most magical ways. Are you ready?