I have a curious JOB! It is hard to define…for others and yet, I know precisely what I do….I dream the new into form ;-) So today, I was feeling low and spent a moment feeling into the why of it. Our son is visiting and after an intense fill up, he will be off once again and my sadness was the unknown length of time before I may be in his presence again. You see we live inCanadaand the distance between us is long, thus expensive to navigate. All this I felt with one breath, the absurdity of the limitation of money once again showing me how it rules so much of our lives. As soon as I had the fullness, I took a breath of such immense joy, of a love so deep it transcends time and space and now money…I stood at my kitchen sink with the sunlight shining down upon me and I made one more choice to be and know freedom. I simply allowed what I wanted to appear in my imagination and it was no surprise, after just having watched the movie, Thrive, that I created a magnificent free energy source out in the “anything is possible’ dimension and allowed all of our airports access! So now our flights are reasonably priced and families are no longer separated by distance :-) unless they so choose ♥♥♥ OH now I AM feeling so excited, wondering how quickly the new energy will be flowing into our reality landscape! It has been here a long time waiting for us to KNOW and to claim our power to enjoy the freedom that is our natural birthright. YES, I AM> and BTW ♥♥♥ I LOVE MY JOB!