Hey, finally! I am getting it, getting me. It is my partner’s BIRTH day today, 60, a biggee! And I get to watch, to witness, to BE here with him in which ever way he chooses to experience his day and I AM. I mean I always was, but having married in each other in an old energy “contract” we have had many, let’s just say opportunities, to catch ourselves trying to seek something that is “missing” in ourselves, in the other.

These past ten years or so, has provided all of the appropriate supports that we each needed to dig in a little more and to let go of the desperate need of the other providing the something missing! I know it sounds trite and simplistic, but really it is. Let go and trust your self more, respect you and your own feelings first and you then offer a respectful energy outwards. We truly are at the center folks. It begins and ends with each of us.

I am so full, as I sit to write this morning. He is off for a run, the plans are set with a fair degree of flexibility and I know that the day will unfold as he has chosen. All of life does indeed serve us when we know who we are and what we want. The CT results came in yesterday and so that energetic karmic cloud that came in with us both to repeat the “sick” Mommy, no partner experience is over. Yes, the buck stopped here!

Supporting another finding their way through the darkness is my passion and my gift. It is my joy and why I am here. To know that it began right here, between the two of us so long ago, continued through the birthing of three amazing new kids and continues on still….phew…the magnitude of my joy and excitement is boundless and it is working! Yes, I am the gift and it is radiating now. My light is on…his is glowing stronger daily, as he feels the freedom to be who he is now, reflecting back in it’s fullness. He has been and still is a most effective teacher on this earth plane and with some very stiff competition!  YES, we are here to be the standards of love and compassion, respect and determination, united as one and we are… look out world….balanced couples are in the house! Can you imagine the harmonizing energies and the affect upon our children? I can. I have three of them.

I am discovering every single day now that what I claimed for my SELF only one short (!!!) year ago, is true. Yes, I am whole; an “updraft” to life’s downward dog…it is who I AM. All of life benefits by my staying true to who I am and offering the support and encouragement that I am here to give. This is my gift and to own it fully and offer it freely, on the day of my partner’s birthday, is my celebration to life and to us. My heart is expanding in joy, as I write, finish, post and share….can you feel it?