Out at sea, the waves are high, the wind and rain  relentless and here I am, bobbing endlessly it seems, at the beck and call of nature and these erratic bombarding waves of solar intensity! May has begun and feels still very much like April, with highs followed quickly by extreme lows. In and out the tides of new energy move, sweeping all that no longer belongs right out of the field and leaving us with a rather empty palette, much like an artist’s canvass beckoning a new creation! It would seem to be appropriate to issue an SOS call, yet it is also the most perfect time to create, as the canvass is completely blank.

Many are feeling lost these days, or are feeling an unsettling sense of betrayal, frustration with life or outright anger, triggered by something within their field of awareness. All have been affected by this “super” super moon in Scorpio, which very effectively was digging up and illuminating clearly all that no longer fits. It is us, after all, who are the change that we have all been waiting for. It comes to us, through us….it is not out there somewhere; the messiah coming to save us. No sadly, powerfully actually, more and more of us are putting down that old religious training that lingers in the collective consciousness, the one that leaves us feeling less than able to make a difference, so why even bother! It is time to get in the ring, as ones who are here to achieve mastery, we must encounter that which causes us to become empowered. Ask any black belt how they got their final level? Life is on our side.

April allowed the “vile” ducts to open and many found themselves complaining about the very circumstances in their life that are providing that final push, that line where they know they will not be pushed over; that line where they stand and shout, enough! It is time for the gentle and balancing voice of feminine wisdom to be heard and it is ours folks. It is not about your gender, rather which side of the energy dynamic you are playing in and how consciously aware you are of the game. Do you still believe in an old energy world ruled by fear, lack and competition or have you been stepping up these last ten years or so and freeing your self from the critical judgments that serve to oppress your belief in something that feels better, anything really. A more loving life begins with us, loving ourselves so completely, that we show up in the center of our lives and collaborate with life. Conscious creation is the invitation of the hour.

More and more I have come to realize that there is no one who has the particular answers that I am looking for; no one that knows more about my operating manual than me. That has left me many times with feelings of intense loss and frustration, disbelief and betrayal, hopelessness and yet slowly, as I picked myself up many times, trusting that what is in my life right now is here for me and is serving me somehow, and choosing one more time to believe in me, slowly ever so slowly, I have begun to feel better. The more I step up and step into my life, accepting my feelings and respecting myself enough to explore, wonder and express, the more real and powerful, I am becoming. “Is this all that we are being asked to do?” I wonder, “just get real and offer from this perspective?” I am beginning to think so. Doing what makes me feel good is having a profound affect on my life and it can do the same for you.

As I deepen into this place of pure surrender, finding a harmony within me, life is now showing me that this same harmonious energy exists outside of me. Things that once caused stress and worry, no longer have the same charge in me. I am able to let go and imagine the outcome that I am inviting in, rather than staying in a state of fear. This perspective found within; a conscious  connection, allows me to extend the same freedom to wonder and explore to all who are in relationship with me. I am able to feel great compassion for them and what they are experiencing and yet have no need to rescue or solve anything. Since there is nothing wrong and I know from my own experience that this is also the path of liberation, my excitement is contagious! Contract and expand, this is how we move as energetic beings, radiating out our energetic signal like a beacon attracting what life has to offer as a match. All energy seeks resolution. It is a natural process, we were never lost at all, it just felt that way! Indeed all of life is on our side and is at present paving the way to a new way of being. The bridge has been built and we are the builders.

May with it’s powerful eclipse time of no time will support our new centers coming fully on line with our galactic center. We have done it, the SOS call was heard and the support is here now. Belief in a new potential and gratitude for what is in our life right now; the simplest moments breathing in the sweet scent of spring or waking to the joy of a cardinal’s song, or perhaps just hearing the laughter of children playing outside again, all are keys; the gifts in the “present” that allow the past to heal and the future to reshape itself. All energy seeks resolution through us, our lives. Feel all that is here for you and gradually the hardships will fade and the horizon will become clearer. By holding our hearts wide open, focusing on where we are headed and steadfastedly refusing to allow what is cropping up to invite the fear back in to push us backwards, will ensure our safe arrival. We are becoming aware of how energy works and are consciously taking control now.  It takes courage and determination, immense trust, but for those of us on the path, there is no other way. The frontier is calling, pirates and rebels are welcome! Host the sails! It is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius and I for one, am sticking around for the party.