Life is so strange these days, a joy of contrast! Yesterday the sun shone brightly and the light infusion of our solar magnetic upgrade entered our field even more so than it did on Sunday, riding in on the wave of “mothering” love that expressed itself so clearly and in so many ways. Here in Montreal, everyone took to the outdoors with a beautiful day supporting the desire to be out with Mom, picnicking or brunching, it didn’t matter, the city was a buzz. I personally had woken with a headache, which is often the case with an infusion of energy and yet it did nothing to dampen my mood or affect my choice to go out to a hot yoga class. After an unexpected traffic complication, being so naive to the ways of the city that we had not anticipated the affect a major highway closure would have on Montrealer’s determination to get mother out, we made our class and right on time, as my partner had decreed! He is a man who simply never gives up! Not only did I get to yoga, but I also got something else that I had wanted, as he had made plans with our son to pick up his sister and meet us at our favorite Indian restaurant, now how fortunate can a mother get? But it gets even better, they brought flowers and the scent is still infusing the house and our son does not even like curry, ha! So I was feeling pretty darn spoiled, happy and loved and aware of the simple moments that have become like treasures to me; the gift of our PRESENCE, all that is ever really needed or appreciated.

So it should have come as no surprise, yet it did, when I woke the next day feeling a simmering sense of anger and sadness. I do however, know enough by now about allowing my feelings to be and to express, without taking anything personally or trying to fix or solve anything, so eventually, by night time, the day and my feelings had transformed. The sun was warm, the feeling of femininity returning, as I chose to put on a long skirt, allowing my skin to feel the air and to drink in the warm sunshine, after another long winter. It is a delight that we, in the north, are blessed to experience time after time! I even got a new dress gifted to me, simply because I heeded the call to return another; a great day all in all. I felt the beauty of our house yet to be born, the gifts that still lie buried and the joy of a vibrant spring time blooming, even discovered a pink trillium in my tiny wee patch of white ones, so delicate and resilient like me!

Today as I woke, breathing fully into me and the day ahead, wondering what it may bring, I could smell the over night rain. My head felt clear and I received the scents of springtime, wafting in my open windows, so simple,, so joy FULL. I felt different again, filled with clarity, hope and purpose and I realized that there is a new and very delicate balance going on, “as within, so without.” Me and Gaia are in perfect balance; when she goes up, I go down and vice versa! We are working in snyc, supporting all who choose this path of awakening with heart and purpose. Yes, I am getting it, getting me, how what I do matters and helps create this new and more loving balance, that I and many others are helping to birth on this magnificent planet of ours.

This past week or so, I have been noticing the crows around me in a new way an become aware that Crow must have a message for me and I’ve been meaning to check. Every time I go out, I hear him “cawing” and as I look out the window, he/she is perched in my tree! Today, feeling the fullness of my own joy and the acceptance in me, of me and my part in this global shift of consciousness that we are all a part of, I finally went and found my book and looked up crow…wow…thank YOU little fella or…or both! I believe crows are the one bird that remain fully connected to their entire family throughout their lifetime and I just happen to have a sister-in-law, a crow woman, who has learned from hers and taught me much!

So for you all, a gift from Crow, excerpted from the book, Medicine Cards by Jamie Sams & David Carson, “Crow knows the unknowable mysteries of creation and is the keeper of all sacred law. Crow can bend the laws of the physical universe and shape shift, consciously being in two places at one time. All sacred texts are under the protection of Crow. There are billions of worlds and infinite creatures and Great Spirit resides within them all. If Crows laws, as given by the creator, are followed, than we die a Good Medicine death, going on to the next incarnation with a clear memory of our past. Crow is an omen of change, lives in the void and has no sense of time. Crow merges past, present and future, light and dark and sees both inner and outer reality.”

THANK YOU CROW! Yes, I do and today my heart is soaring and open. I AM flying on a “magic carpet” into infinite possibilities of new life, joy and freedom. Coming?

PS…for you Heather, a message from Hummingbird, “The song of Hummingbird awakens the medicine flowers, singing a vibration of joy!”
Please do feel free to share as long as you include authorship, Brenda Harley, May 15/12.