Aligning from our core energetic centers…from the eclipse on wards…hiho, hiho!

The Shift of Time and Energy!

There are three things rolling around my heart this morning and even tho they may appear to be very different things, there seems to be a thread of commonality to each subject.

The Solar Eclipse and humanities participation within it!

There are sooooo many groups popping up for this eclipse with all kinds of intentions set to use the power of this eclipse for.  So I have to sit here and ponder the fact that I have not a single intention except to be present with others whose hearts desire is to also be “present.”  In the pondering, I have got to ask the universe… should I/we be intending something… focusing or harnessing this powerful energy for something?  Here is the instant reply I get back to my own query:

This alignment of the planets harnessed by the event we call the solar eclipse has been planned by the multi-verses for just under…

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