No more questioning, it’s OVER….I am here now, standing firmly on the new land, feeling my passion soar, no longer tolerating any self-limiting or fearful thoughts! Yes,  crossing that bridge from a 3D duality, limitation base into the 5th Dimensional reality where anything is possible has been a long, hard slug! Did I say, “hard?” I meant HARD! Every darn fear that I never knew that I owned came home to haunt me, every single way that I could diminish myself and keep myself small and “safe” invited me back. Understandable of course, when we have been here acting as a little human for thousands of lifetimes, killed and persecuted for these truths that we held in our hearts; this knowingness that there was more to it, to life and to me and to you. Always leaving earth in failure, not having found what we have been seeking; this grander part of ourselves, this re-connection with our soul’s guidance and love, always searching outside for this missing piece of the treasure that we buried deep within hiding in plain sight, our divinity, waiting silently for us to find when the time was right and it is NOW! The time is now, the time is here. It is time to begin again and to be all that are, Gods also, creating and experiencing life. WE are amazing, the power of our heart’s desires is unstoppable! And to think that it required only twenty to thirty years of prep in this lifetime, culminating with an intense uphill climb that endured well over twelve years, intensifying as we reached the point of completion; a feat that required every single breath of determination that we could muster up! Yet somehow, we have done it! We’re doing it, integration time; ascending while staying in physical form! It is a big deal, no wonder I have felt so dizzy since I arrived home from Dream Walker Life! It is a big commitment that I made to myself long ago and I am doing it, reaching my summit, one step, one breath at a time and remembering the fullness that I AM, integrating both the dark and the light within.

Little did I realize as I stood on the top of that mountaintop, only a few short days ago, what momentous energy shifting was upon me. How many ways must I discover that life is always on our side? All we need do is get out of our way, step outside our mind’s control and let go into life. Energy seeks resolution. It is a natural process and I  know this intuitively, for I gave birth naturally three times and trust me, not once did my mind provide a lick of help! It is happening, life simply showing us where we are stuck. If we choose to experience more of the old energies of our 3D world, where fear and struggle dominates, life has to oblige. It’s just energy folks, neutral stuff working to assist the energy resolution that is taking place. It is 2012. WE came in, we are here and we are the ones! The beauty is that it takes only the light of our own compassion beaming into the old constructs operating within us to allow the resolution to occur.

Are you choosing ease and grace or still resisting what is happening to you? If you don’t like it anymore, you have the power, you and you alone, to choose something new. AHH, but first the old will have to go and how does it do that? By showing up for you to see clearly how the fears and limitations play-out inside of you. As we begin the process of saying “YES” to life, in whichever way it shows up asking the question, expansion or contraction,  all of the feelings will present for us to feel what makes us feel good or bad! How does the old hostage energy work within me? It is this simple. Freedom lies within and so as we choose to honor our choice to feel better, we are already moving into a new direction and coming into higher alignment with life.Choices that put your own feelings at the top of the heap seem to be the most efficient way to do this and discovering all of the old negative mind chatter. Can you stop beating yourself up, worrying that some one else seems better at “it” or knows more than you or is doing it faster? This is the voice of our ego, the primitive mind that keeps us stuck in our past repetitions. Our soul’s voice, when found in a quiet moment, always fills us with a sense of peace, of hope, encouraging us to keep moving forward, wanting more for ourselves.

It is an arduous journey and extremely challenging for our physical bodies. Many find support by connecting back into nature, using our physical bodies in some way, or slowing down by turning to gentle exercise, like yoga, that helps us connect back into our breath. Toning or chanting can move energies very effectively, but sometimes a heart felt scream is just that! You may sense a desire to change the channel to softer music and start giving yourself permission to nap when tired. Your  dietary choices may fluctuate wildly, as your biology begins to heal itself from so many outside influences. Can you listen to what you want in every moment? Our higher frequency bodies need to hydrate more, as this assists the denser and lower frequency energies leaving, so drinking more water can help immensely. So too can long soaks in a salt bath, massage, really anything that helps you quiet yourself to open again into a receptive mode.There is no need for classes here. There is but one defining question, ” how can I support myself feeling better?” No one can do this for you. Listen in.


I woke this morning, feeling the heat in my chest, heartburn? NO….but there is constant  tune humming in my head, Adele’s, “there’s a fire starting in my heart….” It has a basic, foundational beat and I like it, I am it! As I hear the tune in my head, it helps me remember who I am; steady, basic, someone who offers a harmonizing note out into life, I cannot “not” be this, I am this, “I AM that I am.”

It is the time that we have all been waiting for and we are the ONES! We are all committed to walking this path of conscious evolution or I would not feel compelled to write and you would not be reading these words. Know that you are never alone. The entire universe is rooting for us, “ask and ye may receive!” Open, allow, trust and simply allow yourself to be supported in this magical journey, to blossom and become more and more of who you really are; a unique and powerful note; a drum beat, that when expressed harmonizes with all of life, helping to bring harmony and balance into life through us….we are the notes singing a new tune, building the bridges onto the New Earth with each one of our own heart filled yearnings. I have made it, I have landed on the other side where my joy and passion is with me more times than not! Yes, the old is still here too, the thoughts and the outer life circumstances still not quite matching my abundant nature, but I know that I AM here, all of me and I cannot wait to get going building anew!