I just heard Norma, compassionatebreath.net. share a funny story about her early days going to see a “guru” so excited to hear some part of the mystery explained. She heard, “if you want to experience enlightenment, stay alive!” LOL….so just keep breathing now, owning who you are, knowing that this is enough. It is done….the new earth is here….

Jesus through John

You are all moving inexorably towards the moment of awakening.  It is to be an event of unimaginable significance because it marks the most remarkable shift in humanity’s awareness as you come to a much greater understanding of the true meaning of Love.  Not the word – which is unremarkable, overused, and also horribly misused – but the power, the all-encompassing Reality that is Love.  It is the container in which all creation exists, and of course It is limitless, without boundaries of any kind – and the word container is used here only because you need some kind of concept or idea in which to place that which is limitless so that you can get a slight intellectual grasp, a vague glimmer of what It is.  But what It is, is really completely beyond your ability to comprehend in any meaningful way. That will change.

Your lack of awareness…

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