Energy Posting

September 29/12.

This Aries full moon is packing quite a punch of FULL illumination! You may need to grab your sunglasses for this one! Many of us have done our inner work and are now able to see ourselves clearly, stopped the blame game and are accepting full responsibility as conscious creators. Now it is choice point! Who is in charge of our life, who exactly is driving the bus? Is it the God in me or am I still willing to be down on my knees praying to an outer “god”?

No sides here, our choice, it really does not matter. The only “trick” is to accept how powerful we are and take full responsibility for how we feel within an experience. If it is no longer working, change it! It is time now to take full ownership of all of our creations, the good, the bad and the ugly! Every breath of awareness that supports us knowing more about ourselves is a breath of compassion for all of life. We connect to the unity of life with every breath and every feeling that it brings.

Lately more and more of us have awakened to an experience of life which feels very limited in some way, quite crappy to say the least and not true, yet here for many. Yet it’s OK to own this frustration, this anger, this sadness. It is more than OK … it is right here that we make the changes that support a new outcome. Transformation begins with one breath; a gentle inbreath, acknowledging a new choice, a new desire birthing within. Feel it deeply, own it and now exhale. You’re not going crazy, this is real and it is powerful. It starts right here. YOU want more for your SELF. YES! Why not? We are all here for this; wanting a new freedom within, built on a solid foundation of safety and balance and we have built it, you and me. So find it; all of “it”, be with it, with “you’, with all of your myriad  feelings in full compassion and allow this beautiful fullness of YOU to blossom. The time is now to begin again in your own truth and to sound your note of harmony and joy outwards once again.

WE are all members of this unique orchestra known as planet Earth and it is our joy expressed out into life that will assist life now coming into a higher expression of herself! We are the harmonizers of form.  Do you believe that you can, that your note; your heart felt offering is that powerful, that you matter that much? Do you? Can you open your heart that wide and dare to wonder, with no excuses about your age or condition?

You do matter, you are here at such a unique time in history and you are here precisely because you matter, you have something special to offer, your note is no one else’s. Every single waking human adds a piece. No one matters more than another in this place of conscious collaboration. I matter. You matter. We matter. So if you are not feeling this budding new sense of aliveness and excitement humming through you, than ask for it! You are not alone. Turn inwards and ask and you will be absolutely amazed at how life comes in to help you find your way to feeling better. It begins with one breath.

I was there and now am here. It feels better. Life is still far from idyllic, but I do know who I am and what I want and life and I are looking after the rest! So if you are ready, come on over and discover the truth of your own value. Let’s step together into this powerful new energy wave of abundance and joy! Ready, set, jump….