ENERGY POSTING, October 15/12.

By Brenda Harley


New moon in Libra, emphasizing our new more balanced relationship with life and all that shows up in it, is the new beginning that we have all been waiting for and here now; October 15th, 2012. Mark your calendars! Just as I felt, while exiting my local grocery store in the rain last week, we have crossed the threshold. Both worlds exist now and always when I understand something new, life shows me clearly where I am.

I had been low all day, my feelings in perfect sync with the rain and darkness that engulfed me. Lately I feel this question brimming at the edge of my awareness always, “yeah but who cares, what’s it all about; this unremitting urge that I feel to connect in and broadcast outwards? What’s it all about Alfie???” Or there is also the more practical version, the one loves to show up and interrupt my sleep state! “How are you ever going to earn your way doing this? It’s not a real job you know!” Oh how my egoic mind loves to keep me little, trapped in a limited consciousness that defines our worth only by our production and pays us in accordance to what it measures as our outer contribution; our work. Is it any wonder that all of the healing, helping nurturing and teaching professions are rewarded with so little after a lifetime of giving so much? How can we measure worth? What are our values that reward corporate greed and the imbalance of   power? How have we gotten so far out of our own power centers that we have forgotten our purpose? That earning a living is not why we exist! How far have we fallen, where raising our children has become secondary to our “jobs”?  You can see how this sense of not belonging or fitting in might cloud the view! How long have I felt this deep sadness, not even trying to pretend to want to go out there into a world where my values do not seem to exist? How many are more like me than I knew? Many, I am finding out! Many and we are the ones that are shifting now, big time and coming into our own power centers, knowing who we are and what we want.

There has been so much going on internally of late that the chaos of the outer world has almost become still. Now the time of inner work is drawing quickly to a close and all that we have chosen; planted long ago into the field of new probabilities, is beginning to show up, slowly, tentatively, a tendril of new growth peeking out of a dark landscape in the oddest ways. I am feeling a renewed sense of creativity, bubbling again after a long inward focused time with me, a time of deep integration. I know that for now, this is it. I am not looking for more, while missing what is right here. I am here, present and accountable! So as I left the grocery store that day and walked out into the most spectacular golden glow, I knew immediately that this was special; a sign meant just for me~hehe~an invitation to enter into the “play” of life and I did. I stood, breathed in and rejoiced that I was here, able to take in such a wondrous sky, alive and still feeling hopeful that somehow every things going to be alright, even as some of my outer world seems ready for collapse. I breathed in and basked for a moment in the light before turning to the business of my outing and putting the groceries into my car. It was then that my breath stopped. I have never in my entire 56 year life (this time around!! at least) seen such a full spectrum and complete rainbow. It encompassed our little town, passed directly over the store that I had just exited and was pouring colours down from both ends, one anchored into our lake and the other end appeared to touch down in the town center. It was amazingly clear and beautiful and it helped me to see the choice point for what it really is; life…showing us its dark side to reveal the light. I had a choice to just quietly go upon my way, happy that I had enjoyed this moment or I could share and this is what I know to be true about me, I always choose sharing! So I stood there and shouted across the parking lot, “Suzanne, look, look the rainbow!” Not only did my friend hear me, but an elderly woman turned, looking at me quizzically, “how did you know my name?” Laughingly, I responded that I didn’t, just that it was her lucky day to have the same name as my friend and I pointed upwards. She stood now and I could feel her taking it all in, three of us, standing in the rain witnessing a miracle of life in the form of this moment of exquisite beauty. Many came rushing out of the store, some even glancing up, but we three shared something magical and we left feeling better that when we had come. Well I know for sure that I did. It was a moment of intense clarity, this reminder of our choice to look for the miracles, to focus on what gives us joy, even as disturbing news swirls all around, inviting us back into despair and hopelessness.  We are powerful beings here to remember who we are and that is all.


The intensity of the colours reminded me of the intensity of these past months and years, completing now. I received such a gift for myself  these past review months of allowing me to see clearly how far I have come, by acknowledging my old state of being; constantly anxious or worried with a clear reminder of who I am today; an uplifter of consciousness. October has shown us the pinnacle of 2012, life has changed and now more than ever the newer landscapes will be beautiful and much easier to see. We can access them only through our hearts. The beauty of this very natural process of integration that has been occurring over these past 12 years or so, the last four being incredibly intense, is that it is working! It has allowed us to experience every single fear that has ever prevented us from coming home to ourselves fully to show up in our lives, so that we could decide once again who we are. There is no outside kingdom of God, there never was. We are it folks, divine and human too!

So it is time to begin, new moon, can you hear your invitation, the one that sounds a lot like a song that keeps humming in my head these past weeks? It is time to simply “walk like an Egyptian” and be who you are, the way of a Master in New Energy. We are here for the experience of life, to enjoy the dance of life and to enter into it fully, to embrace all of it, every single facet being seen and valued, no longer wondering where we might fit in but creating the gifts that each one of us are here to create through the gift of our joy. So do what gives you life and own fully that by being ourselves, we offer the most harmonious note possible:  we become the new dancers creating our new world. Yup, it sounds corny, but I am going to begin to play and just see for myself what feels better; the old world where I hear a lot of “can’t s” or the new one that wonders, “Maybe.” I know where I AM, do you? Maybe I am my own pot of gold!