What an immense feeling of gratitude running through me today and how wonderful to know that I am part of this great shift in consciousness! My awareness that I AM that powerful, capable of adding to the collective wave of love that is sweeping our planet, just by being me. How amazing is that? 

This past year has been one wave after another with intense physical and persistent sensations of “being too small” in this body of mine; a tightness and constricted feeling deep in my belly. Time after time I found myself breathing with myself in total loss and full compassion, knowing that nothing was wrong, another solar flare had “hit” and I was integrating more of this “new energy”. “Oh….but what does it all mean and when will it get better,” ringing over and over in my head? The words compassion, acceptance and breath became real in ways that I never imagined!

Yesterday I felt a shifting, a softening and an opening and today I am off on an adventure, saying “yes,” wondering how fabulous it will be to be out there and be the real me, no longer processing and holding energies for others. Today I feel free and it feels great. Integration and expansion go hand in hand, first one and then the other, but boy it feels so good to be above ground again! HAPPY Thanks Giving to all our American friends. Come join our wave…lol….we Canadians had a wee head start :) IN JOY, Brenda