By Brenda Harley

“It’s the end of the world, as I know it and I feel fine!” With thanks to the Great Big Sea, for this timely reminder, I also feel free. My body is feeling lighter and so much better than it has in a long, long time, my belly no longer holding and feeling so constricted. A softening is occurring on many different levels.

It has been a long haul of conscious awakening, awareness expanding with ownership of the part of me engaging in action, realizing the power of my choice by accepting that my state of being is all that really matters. I am a powerful ally of life, as I behave in a way that feels better, less combative and less destructively competitive. It has been one of those big, little things that has changed everything.

The Harmonic Convergence, in 1987, began the outer planetary alignments, supporting those of us awakening to remember consciously all that we are, by first letting go of all that we are not. It has been a difficult transition, contracting and expanding again and again, back into our conscious choice point. Who am I, if life can force me to behave in a manner that I do not choose?

Twenty-five years later and now we are beginning a new phase; one where we are no longer stabilizing the planet. In my dream the other night, I was aware that I had moved through a doorway and that I was no longer acting as ballast. I felt such joy in this knowing. It has been a challenge to have a job that has been virtually unrecognized, yet many of us have held this energetic balance, being the safe space, reminding others of their own calm centers. Now it is their turn to wake or stay asleep, unconscious and not aware of the multitude of realities in any given moment; this place of conscious creation where our past and our futures meet and where anything that we choose is truly possible.

The new world is here, a parallel universe co-existing right alongside the old earth, where the 3rd dimensional frequency of fear still holds court. The New Earth is a place of harmony and peace; a heart space deep inside each one of us, a space of trust and self- love that puts our own joy and happiness at the top of the heap! I can still feel the excitement that I felt in my dream, as I remembered how simple the keys to the new kingdom are to find! Just do what gives you life, flow in the direction of your own joy and passion and life will simply unfold. Our gifts will be available to offer in just the right way at just the right moment. The “what” and the “how” questions do not matter! We will find the way, creating as we go. Trust and let go, it is time…no one else can do this! We are here at the end of a 26, 000 year cycle; one prophesied as the end of the world or maybe the beginning of a whole new “whatever our heart desires,” so what to choose? Me, I am ready to experience life making much more sense; a world where all of us do more than survive, we thrive. Your dream matters, join in and become a magical part of this new wave…

HAPPY holidays!