Today I “real eyes” that I loved monopoly, as a child, for a reason…it was to pick up my “get out of jail free” card!

So life offers us an opportunity every day to simply feel, feel what feels good and what feels bad. Quickly life tells us that we have no choice, that sometimes we have to do things,like wake up on a freezing cold winter’s day and prepare for school or work, even if we don’t want to and go. Why? Because we must, because everyone else does, because if we don’t, others might begin to behave as we are and then all chaos breaks out! But then, isn’t this what physics teaches us; that in order for a set pattern to break apart, a new frequency or chaotic ‘node’ or particle must be introduced to help it break up? Isn’t this what we are meant to do, break out of the old paradigms governing life to arrive in a new one…and aren’t we? SO then really, life is working perfectly all the time! “Just feel what is real for you!” Just sayin’ Brenda 25/01/13