Today I “real eyes” that my soul sings to me :) and always has…and it feels good!

I have always hummed. Becoming a sound practitioner enabled me to understand that it was a  primary self soothing technique, an inner balancing so to speak. About ten years ago, when I began  this awakening journey more consciously, I began writing poetry, drum chants actually, finding it somewhat it amusing when the pain of separation temporarily lifted, that my early expressions came out with such a strong beat! Yet I understood once again, that it was the assistance that I needed to connect inwards to my own heart’s rhythm. This morning, as I stood at the sink washing dishes, feeling into how happy I felt inside, with still no outer “proof” that this awakening thingy really works and is real, I heard myself singing. They were intriguing lyrics indeed, not consciously chosen by me, not even a song that I remember liking much and it took me quite a few moments before I really began to notice and to listen. Softly and repeatedly, the voice inside my head was singing, “Oh darlin’ …please believe me… I’ll never leave you alone.” It hit me then, it hit me big time….


I never have been alone. My soul has been here all along, humming with me, whispering to me and singing, drumming, crying or laughing, just being with me, feeling all that I am, asking, “can you hear me? I’m right here.” Today I felt the fullness; the completion and a joy, a deeply enriching sense of myself knowing that I always did hear. I know now that this is enough. I am not missing anything. My soul speaks to me in my own language. It is not outside of me. I did not miss any boat, nor am I less than another who experiences their souls’ journey into the oneness of “I am” in another way. All paths lead home. All of us are on a magical journey of remembering all that we are, magnificent creative beings, living as human angels having the experience of being human, consciously or not. That’s all…make of it what you want, but know that you are never alone and have never been. You can settle in and listen anytime, remembering that if the voice you hear is critical or comparative in any way, it’s just your ego. Keep going, breathing, supporting yourself choosing to know all that you are and find the underlying tone; the one that feels good. I promise you, it’s there, it  always was…

Please share freely. Copyright Brenda Harley 29/01/13