Breathing fully into me, feeling all.

Breathing into heaviness, I feel it all.

Knowing nothing’s wrong with me, daring now to breathe.

Buried deep inside of me, refusing to be seen.

Lies a treasure known to me, remembered now, yet always been.

Gently I allow  myself, invite my self to feel, opening, I receive my SELF,

Feel a longing to be free, a freedom held inside of me, softly calling, “feel me?”

   I breathe in deeply, slowly now, feeling all of me.

   I hear a question, a simple one, asking, “can it be?”

   Breathing in, again I feel, sense a dance of victory…

   I hear a voice, I know it’s mine, I feel in, I feel free.

Please feel free to share with credit, Brenda Harley 30/01/13.