Today I “real eyes” that I did not miss the boat! There never was a boat. Everything was always perfect for me, supporting me arriving right here :) where I promised myself I would be and I AM.”

I am a day dreamer and have always been, feeling the outer imbalances of life and mistakenly internalizing this imbalanced energy, making it my own, when it never was. I have always been on my own path, feeling my heart and walking steadfastedly in my own direction. Today I accept that our focus really does create our reality, so in choosing to live, I did what gave me life/  accepting full responsibility for creating my own happiness. I began by stopping the blame game, finding supportive ways to become aware of my breath or lack of it, choosing things to do that made me happy, being willing to risk  what ever that meant for another, eating consciously and what I felt like, without judgement or worry that there was something wrong, taking long baths and slow walks, crying softly and ranting sometimes and slowly but surely I began feeling better, trusting myself more. Eventually I stumbled back onto the path of joy. It never was outside of me after all. Today I am filled with gratitude for all that I am and all that I did for myself and for all who have chosen this same path of conscious awakening. It is a powerful choice to align with the flow of one’s self and for me…this is the way…


With thanks once again to Garrett John Wayseers Manifesto, Copyright 2012