The Long and Winding Road

Today “I real eyes” that my spirit speaks to me in song and that I have never been separated from my own divine essence, that soft voice that encourages me to hang on, to be-lie-ve in me, when the outer circumstances suggest ‘strongly’ otherwise and to do the things that bring me joy…for joy is my natural state of being and when I AM in it, I am experiencing my SELF, as the creator being that I AM…God also!

So if today, your road feels at all dark or long or twisty or forever, just take a deep breath in, a breath of remembering WHO you really are and then let go, let it out, trust life and breath in again. There is a natural re-balancing going on and we are a part of it, no mistakes…birth happens ;) if we just get out of our own way. I hear a song, can you?