The Heartbeat of a Mother

Today I “real eyes” that I have had both eyes open for awhile now ;) but since my journey has been one of self-worth, I was still doubting myself on some level. Life has been patiently showing me this for some time now!

I AM a mother and I have loved my “job” from the beginning, from the very first moment that I saw with my own two eyes, the son who had just exited my body in such a natural and powerful way. All I had needed to do was to trust my body and keep breathing; keep going! The rest all took care of itself and it has been doing so ever since. I was never lost. Every single thing that I have discovered about myself has come through this remarkable journey, with an intensity that I could never have imagined experiencing and surviving! Motherhood, for me, has been a journey of complete and total surrender into a love so deep that it was impossible to get out of without drowning. I drowned in it, got totally lost in it and then began to come back, back towards my SELF.

Fast forward twenty-four years and I just got off the phone with my own mother, who at 82 is one of the happiest people I know. Her life just has a way of working out and yet I know the difficulties that she has lived with and moved beyond. I know that it is possible. I am both mother and daughter now.

Our spiritual journey is a living one, with every part playing a note in our soul song. It unfolds naturally. There is no greater power than being all that we are and living the life that we create, which brings us what we are ready to see. It can do nothing else. Life is a mirror reflecting an image of who we are, in that moment, so that we can make the necessary internal changes. “BE the change that you are looking for” are powerful words indeed.

So on this special morning, as I “look” around my life, I am absolutely filled with joy and gratitude. It is so simple. This is my life, it really is all about me! I created it to discover my worth and it has worked! Diamonds can not be created without tremendous pressure, their very beauty holds value and so too, do I. I “knew” that the sound of my heartbeat was all that any of my three babies needed to feel safe and as the Leo that I am, I also discovered a fierceness that I had forgotten I possessed! Being a mom allowed me to rediscover many lost parts of myself. Each breath; each choice made for me, not against anything or anyone else; each one of many moments in this lifetime of choices has supported me remembering my SELF; my own heart’s beat. It has a rhythm of it’s own.

There is a new rhythm present on Earth now. It is a soft and yet powerful beat; one that asks, “do you know who you are?” I do. I am a bringer of balance. I exist, as a soft harmonizing note, having a profound affect upon the whole and helping create a magnificent bouquet of beauty. “YES, this is my full-time JOB!” Blossoming is my new energy business.