With special thanks to the generous wishes of Patricia Cota-Robles and both composer, Frederic Delarue and creator, Joao Cota_Robles, as well as a very good fried….

Today I real eyes” how often I dimmed my own light by reining in my high voltage enthusiasm for something that I was understanding about life! I have always shared, but had so gotten used to the resignation of others, that when a good friend spoke the words, ” I have to go. I am feeling somewhat overwhelmed,” it took me a moment to realize what was happening for me. I am liberating myself. I am no longer responsible for how I am received and so felt no personal responsibility. After a harrowing morning, my friend had called me. Period. I am not responsible for her, her choices or her degree of awareness. She is a self responsible beautiful soul blossoming beautifully! The fact is that there was not one thing wrong…with any of it…no need to look back or wonder. I am a high voltage being and will always offer from this place of who I AM :)

Shortly after, I opened an email and received this wonderful video, as a gift to pass along. As I watched it, I felt so much loving compassion pouring in that I felt compelled to write….

“There is joy to be had my friends and immense beauty to be seen! Rainbows are real and are here for YOU; to inspire and remember; to become all that you are and to take your place in the center of your own life…perfect just as it is, right NOW. You are each one divine and a part of all that is; source energy, a particle of God, the universe, eternal, now and forever…unfolding, blossoming right on cue! No mistakes…ever…part of this magnicient creation that you call Earth, an evolving body of consciousness with you, a part; a grand part…WAKING now to your own magnificence and power as the PEACE makers that you are. Never forget this…YOU ARE :)

May 15/2013
I am Brenda Harley