“Everything around you is part of your energy grid…are you ready to open both eyes and really see?”

I AM. Today, I “real eyes” that I have been in resonance with my soul song always. In order to come into alignment with who I AM, I first needed to discover all that I was not and pick up the mis-placed responsibiltiy for my own happiness. This is what I have been “doing’ these last few (?)…lol…(!) years and I am now realizing more clearly than ever that it has worked! I have been steadfastedly walking my own path, releasing those around me, without losing anyone, a core fear for most of us awakenign souls :) Slowly and surely I have allowed the breath to come in more and to open to hear the gentleness of my own soul’s guidance. I have been integrating with my higher self in a way that supported my body staying with me :)yippeee! Now to discover more and more about a brand new energy operating system available on planet earth and you can too. You need only one thing; the key to your own joy. Find it and your passion will bloom and you may soon notice that YOU are too….truly simple. The key is right under your nose, hiding in your own heart!