“Today I “real eyes” that I made it! I AM awake and aware and even sometimes manage to see quite clearly with both eyes ;) This is it folks! Nothing to wait for, nothing missed, our enlightenment comes in fully when we do.”

SO we can wake up and smell the roses or not, they are still all around us! Our abundance is US….within us. Simple, as I do so naturally what gives me life, I become more and more alive. If you doubt my words, you need only look to the children and, just as the scriptures taught ( I do still remember something LOL), “the innocent will lead the way.” Children play! Simple, direct and clear and every single one of them is inherently GOOD at something! They tell us through their actions who they are and what they are here to experience with no judgement, as yet attached.There is no “lack” unless they have been controlled and suppressed by us and lost their connection to joy, because of the ‘overly’ serious “overlay” we have put on life! Our play is our joy and our joy is what brings in more and more energy.  I AM a magician….oops ;) I mean magnetic attractor for all of the energy available in the universe…a limitless supply! My consciousness is me; my awareness and then calls in the corresponding energies in response to how I feel. If I feel limited in any way, I will bring in more of what we all know so well, “the barely enough to survive” energy, helping me to become aware of my grander SELF; of how I really operate…translation, in which field of consciousness I AM currently playing in? Everything is available to me; I AM the director of my own life! I can play in a limited field; the old Earth or an abundant one; the new Earth….BOTH are here now :) so I get to decide what to do next! I AM a generator of energy. It exists to serve me and doesn’t care a lick if I know it or not!

Like the rose, the beauty is in the beholding :) there is absolutely no purpose! SO, just because I AM here and I exist in a world that is rapidly shifting now to support all of us evolving conscious BEINGS, I AM practicing being/aka bringing in the NEW me; the one WHO has always known that there was something more for me to be and experience, the one breaking free of the morphogenic field of mass consciousness that says that it is dangerous to be me! Poof! I’ve already lived all those lives! It was dangerous!! But this time, I make it….it is safe to be me and safe to be you, balanced and whole, so now who are you, if you are no longer playing little? WHAT IF (power FULL words) we really are here to know, without doubt, that we made it and we are safe? This planet is a beautiful place to experience our freedom. Me…I am walking as though I already AM and I am smelling some serious roses!