I AM that ;) I just am....

Today I “real eyes” that I AM. Period. There is nothing more and nothing missed; no lack, no limitation, unless I continue to believe that I am lacking. I exist, I am here for the experience of becoming all that I am; a beautiful rose in the bouquet of life!

Everything that I have ever wanted, I am creating. I already have. This is why I am here. Life is for me to experience myself breathing in full awareness, wanting and creating. My desire for what I want is passion ~ conscious creation ~ I AM always creating.

I can create unconsciously or not, breathe in and receive all that I AM and notice nothing or notice everything, both inside and out! It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3! I AM all that I want, no longer wanting ~ BEING ~ all that I am. I want ~ I can ~ I AM :)

I am a beautiful contributor, building a conscious bridge into the new world; one that feels better. Period. If you are reading this, you are too and you know it, you have always felt it. We always knew this space of compassionate breath could spread and it is. I am feeling better than I ever have, even as the outer world continues to rattle and shake, I know that my inner state of awareness; my very existence, affects the outcome of creation. YES, I AM this powerful ~ and so are YOU! Who’da thought that we were really here to build this New Earth? But WE ARE, one conscious breath at a time and we are now creating quite a stir. I hear a song ” Can you feel the buzz tonight?” I can and it is only morning :)