Yesterday morning I woke feeling so very different…with a knowingness; game changer! I went out for an early morning walk and the birds were eager to speak with me! They helped me hear a very old ~ NEW song! Hope you like it and maybe you’ll find something to add…to crimson glory and beyond! WE are it folks :)

On the first day of “christed” light, my true love ( ME ) gave to me…a cardinal flying in a “blaze” of glory!

On the second day of Christ-ed light, my true love gave to me…yellow finches finding berries in a nearby tree…

On the third day of Christ-ed light, my true love gave to me…three morning doves, two yellow finches and a cardinal flying ~

~ in a blaze of gloreeeeee!! ~

It is truly amazing what a simple walk can bring :) can’t wait to go OUT again ;) I feel a NEW song waiting to be finished! Do you feel the love tonight? WE are the seeds awakening…

Please share freely with appropriate credit ~ thank YOU ~
Brenda Harley June 17/13