“Today I real eyes that I really am ALL that I am!”

I was reading some one’s post about being “one” and I felt myself wondering, “one what?” Unity consciousness sounds great, but what does it mean exactly? Well as soon  as I asked my own question, I had a sense of deja vue; that moment of gazing into the mirror and being able to witness all of my past in the faces floating by. I understood that I am also living those pasts. It explains the feeling of late; the frustration actually, extreme frustration and impatience ;) in the shifting states that I feel, being both the old and the new me! One day I feel great physically, digesting life and feeling a sense of purpose, direction and excitement and the next, down, down, down into the depth of despair I tumble, wondering why I am here? Back and forth, quickly now, just as the faces appear in the mirror, asking me to remember and acknowledge that I am all of these parts; the parts of me that experienced great success, whatever that was (!) as well as those parts that failed miserably, read killed once again (!) for being the light that I am. AND so today, I am ALL these parts and am allowing which ever part of me shows up today to be at home, not judged and told to leave, not being asked what is wrong with you, simply to accept and allow these differing aspects of mine to be heard and received by me. Today, I really do realize that I am all that, every last life lived is now unifying in me. I am unity consciousness, it is not outside of me, something that exists in separation from me. I am the safe and neutral space in me for me! Yes, I am :) and still here, in life, rejoicing at being here for the grand discovery of all that I am :) cool, freeing!