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Free Downloads ~ with thanks to the Crimson Circle

There are now so many free supports available for all who are choosing to awaken and are allowing their enlightenment :) These are a beautiful sample array. The monthly channels are also priceless, if you are worthy enough to receive! It begins with YOU and radiates outwards ~~~

“OWN your value, for YOU are beyond anything that you could possibly imagine!” ME Oct 24/13 Brenda Harley

When you open to receive all that you are, you can come back to YOU in the truth and magnificence of your own abundant nature. YOU are merely seeing the reflection of you in the mirror of life.  If you are doubting your own self worth, that will be what you see and receive, not as a punishment in any way, simply to let you know that you can now make an adjustment :) YES< you are that power FULL ~ it is time, the time is now! That Dr. Seuss just loves to pop in and make an appearance ;) YES, I know, I was listening.


BE the change that you want. It allows us to stop doing and begin trusting in ourselves again. This is the SHIFT, it begins with each one of us becoming consciously aware of how we operate in life….simple eh!

Happy Eclipse ALL!

This is just way too good not to pass along, with thanks to the author Sarah Varcas. 

“At the advent of this eclipse the heavens remind us that we each have the potential to live out the dreams which are woven through our souls, but they must be our dreams.”

Yes, allow yourself to open deeply, receiving and remembering what you are here to do. Today allow your heart to sing, your dreams to birth anew ~

Ascension Symptoms & Remedies

I NEVER Stopped…

This morning, as I walked in the cool crisp autumn sunshine, feeling a new sense of belonging deep in my own body, I realized that I was humming this tune ~ and that the words had finally changed for me, no longer walking the path of looking outside myself for that “elusive” wizard, but clearly now, deliberately, I am walking mindfully on my own path with a new feeling of certitude that I AM OK< have always been and was never lost.

OK, OK, I'll admit, I was slightly detoured by all of the old paths, aka mass consciousness, the only ones that anyone ever pointed out BTW, the only ones they saw and yet, I always saw more. So here I am NOW and still following the yellow brick road, walking on a sidewalk in real time, one strewn with fallen leaves, yellow of course(!) and feeling my open heart soar, "because, because, because because…BECAUSE…of the wonderful things"… I AM; ME here to bring balance and beauty into life; because I CAN/ CAN :) It is WHO I AM, have always been and now I AM here celebrating ME. I exist and I am so happy to be here; here living on this magnificent planet, filled by us and for us with immense beauty! I am home.

Many of us are now coming home to all that we are and discovering our new balance; our power. New energy is here. It is neutral and abundant, waiting for us; the awakened ones to begin to learn how to use it. WE are the ones that we have indeed been waiting for, all of us who have integrated our darkness; the core fears keeping us from opening fully. We’ve never stopped! We just could not always see the work that we were doing ;) never mind get paid for it…hehe! YET< still, we continued with this crazy commitment to our own paths; the ones leading us here, right back into WHO we are ~ this place of trust, complete surrender into life that allows our traps to open, to expand and to finally support us; perfect just the way we are. No wonder I keep hearing songs in my head, encouraging, reminding, this is the way my spirit speaks to me, clearly and deliberately and I have never been without this "divine" connection. We all have it, simply choose to open your channel and the journey of discovery begins and does not stop until you are home. The love and support that is here for us to feel is real and it time for a new dance now, one that takes us outside of limitation and into liberation. The third dimension is expanding rapidly, structures are falling and the new is coming into form. Allow yourself to feel the excitement and wonderment, even if the old you is still dealing with the residual fears of being lost. Allow life to nudge you along, follow your yellow brick road and it will always lead you home. Me, I never truly stopped :) I've just been waiting…

I can feel a New Energy business coming into form and it is already making me laugh… it deals with an unfortunate side affect of our integrating so much new, so quickly. It might even be called New Energy Constipation, NEC, hmmm, it has a nice ring to it! Welcome, I allow the new energy flow to just show up, to run through me…hehe ease and grace baby, ease and grace! I chose a long time ago…