“OWN your value, for YOU are beyond anything that you could possibly imagine!” ME Oct 24/13 Brenda Harley

When you open to receive all that you are, you can come back to YOU in the truth and magnificence of your own abundant nature. YOU are merely seeing the reflection of you in the mirror of life.  If you are doubting your own self worth, that will be what you see and receive, not as a punishment in any way, simply to let you know that you can now make an adjustment :) YES< you are that power FULL ~ it is time, the time is now! That Dr. Seuss just loves to pop in and make an appearance ;) YES, I know, I was listening.


BE the change that you want. It allows us to stop doing and begin trusting in ourselves again. This is the SHIFT, it begins with each one of us becoming consciously aware of how we operate in life….simple eh!