Today I “real eyes” that I do remember; past lives, family lineage, does it matter? Today, I woke, knowing that I AM grateful ~ so grateful to be here, to be free, to be alive and in human form, here on planet earth, this amazing place where I get to see, taste, smell, hear and feel…anything I choose!

I am a light worker, WE all are. There is no other way to be here. Whether we are expressing still in the shadow or the light, it doesn’t really matter. All of us have come to experience ourselves moving into wholeness; a place of remembering and needing no outside help. We came here to experience ourselves as creators, expressions of our God SELF, each and every one of us and we have been, moving slowly, but surely away from a limited consciousness, controlled by fear and into a more loving awareness of ourselves. This is the shift that has been happening.

Today, I felt compelled to walk by our local cenotaph, acknowledging my forefathers and mothers, all who laid the path for me to be here NOW. I felt waves of gratitude all morning, realizing that it was Remembrance Day and that I was right on time and have always been. We are waking now more and more each day. It is a ripple that is quickly turning into a new tide. Our desires have called forth all that is required to bring balance into life, for we are the harmonizers. We came to this planet holding the potential of this time and like musicians, we have been holding our note, one that is pure and balanced, FULL of all that will bring joy and abundance into our lives. We exist, remembering all that we are and feeling/receiving the full lineage of support that is here right now. All who have chosen to awaken fully; to become aware of ourselves as spiritual beings having a human experience, are now beginning to feel the energies coming in to serve our choice to stay in our body while experiencing a new freedom. TODAY is a beautiful day to remember and to celebrate being here NOW ~ feeling alive, loved and supported. Can you begin to imagine that is why you are here? Breathe now and remember ~