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Today I “real e…

Today I “real eyes” more and more that I am my own sweet heart!

 Lying on my belly in a hot yoga class, feeling the beating of my heart, I become aware of how it sits in the center of me and is always there working for me. It struck me then that the outer quest; looking for something outside of me will always bring me back to SELF. There is no outer, only an inner life waiting to be acknowledged by me with treasures to share; an abundance of life experiences to support my expansion. All of life is here for me, not working against me, as my mind loves to shout, but rather lying quietly underneath it all, allowing itself to be felt only when  I invite stillness.  Here I feel at peace with a strong connection to a benevolent life force; one that exists outside of power and outside of my mind. It is so simple. As I surrender to this  moment, it rides in with every breath , the awareness building, beating in the sweetness of  my heart. There is nothing to do. I am here for the experience of me being alive; in life resisting or loving what is can only be perfect, for I create it all to see the proof of my connection to life outside of me. So as this connection grows stronger and more loving, so too, do I. Sweet :)

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