Intense! Intense and chaotic old energies continue to release and I stand calm and unaffected in the center of the storm. Well, at least for some moments! It feels, of late, as though I am being battered beyond my capacity and yet the certainty that all is well grows exponentially with each assault upon my shores. We are in wild times indeed. The shift has hit the fan in the outer realities now and all that I have allowed to happen deep inside is now happening on the outside. In retrospect, perhaps it was easier when it was only happening to me? Not!Image

So where have I been for the last year or so? In a very deep and sacred space of allowing me to be present with myself, the only way that more of me could enter my playing field. After-all, I am the center of my grand self, the all that I have ever been; my eternal state…my existence depends on me being here! Now that is a lot to take in and I have been, gradually, incrementally I have allowed myself to remember, re-experience and take ownership of all that I AM. Sounds easy, it is not! How does one allow life to flow through when we are conditioned at such an early age to struggle and fight for anything or everything? To become so aware of the inner fatigue and awareness that it, the old energy games, are not working anymore takes a very special dedication of spirit. Not all of us came in for this job, however I did. The energies are escalating and I know that this is a wonderful thing, even when it feels especially unbearable, we often have to breakdown before we breakthrough. So please do not lose heart now. WE all have come much too far in our integration of spirit into the physical realms.

This year Easter heralds a remarkable astrological event, showing us clearly that Jesus is down off that damn cross, no more need for masculine martyrdom. Mary is up off her knees, the feminine victim story ends, so now what? It may feel as though you are losing everything, when in reality we are just changing 2000 years worth of a directional force, moving out of fear and lack and into a flow of new energy supporting all life enhancing endeavors. The void in between can be a dark and lonely space, but gift yourself with the awareness and compassion of all that you have already done. You would not be here reading this if you were one choosing to cling to an old paradigm. We have done it; the critical mass for this expanding shift of consciousness has been reached and will now be experienced by the many. Be patient with yourself, breathe in and allow good things to come in for you. You know who you are, get ready to feel the supporting and loving energies of a new birth. Yes folks spring, even here in our frigid Canadian north, is still here! I just heard the first signs of proof…our geese are returning!! Honk, honk….you can tell everyone now… we made it! Life is now moving in a new direction. Look for the signs that make you feel good and slowly this new feeling of safety and joy will grow and expand into all areas of our life. It begins with you and me.