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AA Michael message to humanity 17th November 2014.

YES and YEAH! :) This past year has been brutal for many. All the places that we doubted ourselves and lost faith in our ability to really be the change in our lives that we came in seeking, seemed to be up at once. We encountered wave after relentless wave of not being able to move forward, until all doubts and fears resolved in us. We are the bridge builders of the new life that we always knew was possible, where all are encouraged and supported to be the best that we can be, entering life in a space of fullness, rather than lack. Well it is beginning to look and feel like many of us were up for the task and the hard work is now behind us. Trusting each moment to open and provide the appropriate supports for where I am headed next is all a part of divine design, left lifetimes ago when we fell into separation consciousness. No more. We are entering a very new time, never experienced on this planet before by so many at once.

Celebrate, we made it and now we are ready to have some fun! We are entering a magical new time a midst the powerful gateways of 11:11 and the 12:12, culminating on the Solstice, where the light of the world; our love for life, will become more visible in all of our lives.

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The ‘Grail’ really has been right in front of us…disguised cleverly within the ‘ordinary’.

The ordinary us – our physical body and reality – is so magnificent and yet the psychological and emotional wound inflicted by the belief ‘ physical death is inevitable’ has clouded our vision.

Because humanity had the mass belief that   ‘physical death was inevitable’, people bought into a thoughtform that their bodies were born with a ‘design fault’.

They concluded deep within their psyche that if their physical body must die at some point – that they reach a ‘use by date’ – then they  must have a ‘design fault’that makes them vulnerable to ‘attack’ and just about everything else.
At an emotional level, the effects of the ‘design fault’ belief are even more devastating –  such as ‘I am so unworthy, so I was given this affliction’ and ‘I must be guilty of something just for being me, otherwise I wouldn’t be sentenced to death’ and ‘It’s dangerous…

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