Our guide books stopped working quite awhile ago ;) as we began walking in our own truth, doubts and all! With thanks to Jonette, I am beginning to get why I feel so excited this YEAR… AND it seems to be sticking, finally :)

Jonette Crowley, Center for Creative Consciousness

“Trust that you are already enlightened”


Channeled from ‘MARK’ by Jonette Crowley on Jan. 11, 2016


“Welcome, most Holy Ones, to the ‘Year of Emergence’—a year of vast  awakening. This is ‘MARK’. We begin this year with a Universal transmission to seed new levels of emergence. Lift off from that which has been so, into a more rarified stream of being. Your core adamantine particles are opening to a new Universal Intelligence and energy—and beyond energy. You are receiving a dose of your cosmic inheritance from all dimensions, bringing new possibilities to all that you are, including that which you do not know you are. This transmission removes filters and blinders from you. You are a connector to all knowledge. Your matter is turning into quantum matter, plasma matter, matter that can— if fully trained, walk through walls. You are really giving birth to a more amazing…

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