With thanks To both Jenny and Quan Yin, my dream of taking the wrong bus, with my best friend leaving with my wallet and me realizing that I had no ID and no clue where I was heading…all makes sense! As I woke, I had made the choice to experience it all anyway ;) not knowing AND feeling safe. SO…here we go on our new foundation of safety, discovering our new earth :)


Greetings! We come to you today with important information regarding what is taking place in this Now. The next few months will be very pivotal not only for your growth but the planet as a whole. While many of you were hoping that things would smooth themselves after the the New Year, understand that a vote was taken to continue this accelerated course. Each of you on this path received a vote and your highest aspect consulted with you in dream time to receive your input. Understand that for each one that merges with their soul, hundreds around them are affected. While each of you are creating your own reality, your own hologram, you are also participating in the collective hologram as well. The more awakened the beings participating in the hologram, the more you will see the world and all of it’s beings change in response.

The stream of light…

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