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The Mystical Lotus ~ Tiffany Stiles


Dear Beautiful Souls! (EMPATHS~Special Report)💖

We are currently in a shift of releasing, purging and forgiveness. ALL that is no longer serving your higher purpose and the purpose of all is being brought to the surface to heal and release. As we approach the Full Moon on February 22nd this will intensify as full moons assist us in this process. You may enter a shadow phase closer to the 22nd to force you into this process if you’ve neglected doing this work in the past. All imprints from previous lifetimes and this lifetime are and have been surfacing for you to heal and let it go. Forgiveness of others and more importantly yourself is key to this process. See it through the eye of great lessons learned to bring you to here and now. Allow yourself to live in the moment, quiet your mind and balance the energies…

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