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“OWN your value, for YOU are beyond anything that you could possibly imagine!” ME Oct 24/13 Brenda Harley

When you open to receive all that you are, you can come back to YOU in the truth and magnificence of your own abundant nature. YOU are merely seeing the reflection of you in the mirror of life.  If you are doubting your own self worth, that will be what you see and receive, not as a punishment in any way, simply to let you know that you can now make an adjustment :) YES< you are that power FULL ~ it is time, the time is now! That Dr. Seuss just loves to pop in and make an appearance ;) YES, I know, I was listening.


BE the change that you want. It allows us to stop doing and begin trusting in ourselves again. This is the SHIFT, it begins with each one of us becoming consciously aware of how we operate in life….simple eh!

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Today, I realized, that we have gone beyond and there is no turning back. I was saying goodbye to my 22 year old son, as he headed off to work his passionless job in order to pay his bills and I suddenly found myself speaking to him about hanging in there and believing in himself. This has been a constant theme in our house ever since my husband “lost” his business. Suddenly we went from comfortable to extremely vulnerable with feelings of continuing loss and disbelief, as we encountered many steps in between that never seem to work out. The one strength that we discovered was our unwavering belief in each other. I know who my partner is even when he does not and he seems to have a high regard for my abilities even when they are not paying the bills! As anyone knows in a long term relationship, this is normally where things go very wrong! Both parties begin the blame game and soon the focus becomes survival to the detriment of everything else. Amazingly, we did not go here and have always found a way to say, “yes” to the things that matter to us, not burdening the kids with our current reality and yet not hiding either. I think this has been an empowering choice, making them more aware of their life choices, as they feel us dealing with ours.

SO here I stood, remembering our recent conversation about his future. I felt his despair, wondering if this road that he has chosen will ever get him to the destination of his choice. Unlike many his age, he knows what he is good at and only wants the chance to get going, currently finding it impossible to find full time employment in his field. This frustration led him to wondering about a change in career plans and it was this that he came to his Mom to share.

In reviewing our conversation, I felt that perhaps I had missed my chance to address the deeper issues going on…for many of us right now! “Do I have to fit in or can I really create the life of my dreams?” So this morning, as he headed out the door, I heard myself saying that his website is amazing and truly reflects who he is and what he offers and to not give up on himself. He is creative, quick and humorous and is so balanced within himself that I have never heard him raise his voice. He knows there is no need. The man is not here to compete, he is here to offer and to collaborate with life and cannot figure out why he is not finding something tangible in his field. I know the feeling. His dad knows the feeling. He too is an Aries male, bringing a tremendous amount of respect and fairness to his business dealings. Yet, still nothing and the darkness of late seems only to be mounting. One moment life shows the potential for the new coming in and the next, it is simply gone; evaporated, as though it never even existed. Yet it did and we know, so even though we are all wondering why and where and how right now. We also have a very strong and determined knowing that we have made it. The New Earth is here. Critical mass has been reached and the only question remaining is, ” where do we begin building?”

I know for me, as I felt myself sharing the truth of who my son is and what he is here to offer life, I also felt and heard my own words, knowing that they were as much for me and his dad as they were for him. The gift of the moment was how I felt him responding; heading out now to flip some burgers to pay for his car. Perhaps he was feeling a little bit better about himself, perhaps just a little less lost.
In these moments, I too know, without doubt, that I am here to do this very thing; to inspire others somehow to keep going when the going gets tough, to keep walking towards themselves and to never ever give up on themselves. Writers write and an updraft lifts hearts upwards. I am an updraft after-all and will never stop being who I AM. You?

I AM that ;) I just am....

Today I “real eyes” that I AM. Period. There is nothing more and nothing missed; no lack, no limitation, unless I continue to believe that I am lacking. I exist, I am here for the experience of becoming all that I am; a beautiful rose in the bouquet of life!

Everything that I have ever wanted, I am creating. I already have. This is why I am here. Life is for me to experience myself breathing in full awareness, wanting and creating. My desire for what I want is passion ~ conscious creation ~ I AM always creating.

I can create unconsciously or not, breathe in and receive all that I AM and notice nothing or notice everything, both inside and out! It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3! I AM all that I want, no longer wanting ~ BEING ~ all that I am. I want ~ I can ~ I AM :)

I am a beautiful contributor, building a conscious bridge into the new world; one that feels better. Period. If you are reading this, you are too and you know it, you have always felt it. We always knew this space of compassionate breath could spread and it is. I am feeling better than I ever have, even as the outer world continues to rattle and shake, I know that my inner state of awareness; my very existence, affects the outcome of creation. YES, I AM this powerful ~ and so are YOU! Who’da thought that we were really here to build this New Earth? But WE ARE, one conscious breath at a time and we are now creating quite a stir. I hear a song ” Can you feel the buzz tonight?” I can and it is only morning :)

“Everything around you is part of your energy grid…are you ready to open both eyes and really see?”

I AM. Today, I “real eyes” that I have been in resonance with my soul song always. In order to come into alignment with who I AM, I first needed to discover all that I was not and pick up the mis-placed responsibiltiy for my own happiness. This is what I have been “doing’ these last few (?)…lol…(!) years and I am now realizing more clearly than ever that it has worked! I have been steadfastedly walking my own path, releasing those around me, without losing anyone, a core fear for most of us awakenign souls :) Slowly and surely I have allowed the breath to come in more and to open to hear the gentleness of my own soul’s guidance. I have been integrating with my higher self in a way that supported my body staying with me :)yippeee! Now to discover more and more about a brand new energy operating system available on planet earth and you can too. You need only one thing; the key to your own joy. Find it and your passion will bloom and you may soon notice that YOU are too….truly simple. The key is right under your nose, hiding in your own heart!

With special thanks to the generous wishes of Patricia Cota-Robles and both composer, Frederic Delarue and creator, Joao Cota_Robles, as well as a very good fried….

Today I real eyes” how often I dimmed my own light by reining in my high voltage enthusiasm for something that I was understanding about life! I have always shared, but had so gotten used to the resignation of others, that when a good friend spoke the words, ” I have to go. I am feeling somewhat overwhelmed,” it took me a moment to realize what was happening for me. I am liberating myself. I am no longer responsible for how I am received and so felt no personal responsibility. After a harrowing morning, my friend had called me. Period. I am not responsible for her, her choices or her degree of awareness. She is a self responsible beautiful soul blossoming beautifully! The fact is that there was not one thing wrong…with any of it…no need to look back or wonder. I am a high voltage being and will always offer from this place of who I AM :)

Shortly after, I opened an email and received this wonderful video, as a gift to pass along. As I watched it, I felt so much loving compassion pouring in that I felt compelled to write….

“There is joy to be had my friends and immense beauty to be seen! Rainbows are real and are here for YOU; to inspire and remember; to become all that you are and to take your place in the center of your own life…perfect just as it is, right NOW. You are each one divine and a part of all that is; source energy, a particle of God, the universe, eternal, now and forever…unfolding, blossoming right on cue! No mistakes…ever…part of this magnicient creation that you call Earth, an evolving body of consciousness with you, a part; a grand part…WAKING now to your own magnificence and power as the PEACE makers that you are. Never forget this…YOU ARE :)

May 15/2013
I am Brenda Harley

Today I “real eyes” that it is so simple. Thank YOU Lindsey Stirling for showing us so eloquently what happens when we find our own joy. Our passion has the power to not only light us up, but to radiate outwards affecting “thousands”…of other light workers! WE are all here to express our own light and in doing so we become the light of the world :) WE are all light workers in our own way.

The Heartbeat of a Mother

Today I “real eyes” that I have had both eyes open for awhile now ;) but since my journey has been one of self-worth, I was still doubting myself on some level. Life has been patiently showing me this for some time now!

I AM a mother and I have loved my “job” from the beginning, from the very first moment that I saw with my own two eyes, the son who had just exited my body in such a natural and powerful way. All I had needed to do was to trust my body and keep breathing; keep going! The rest all took care of itself and it has been doing so ever since. I was never lost. Every single thing that I have discovered about myself has come through this remarkable journey, with an intensity that I could never have imagined experiencing and surviving! Motherhood, for me, has been a journey of complete and total surrender into a love so deep that it was impossible to get out of without drowning. I drowned in it, got totally lost in it and then began to come back, back towards my SELF.

Fast forward twenty-four years and I just got off the phone with my own mother, who at 82 is one of the happiest people I know. Her life just has a way of working out and yet I know the difficulties that she has lived with and moved beyond. I know that it is possible. I am both mother and daughter now.

Our spiritual journey is a living one, with every part playing a note in our soul song. It unfolds naturally. There is no greater power than being all that we are and living the life that we create, which brings us what we are ready to see. It can do nothing else. Life is a mirror reflecting an image of who we are, in that moment, so that we can make the necessary internal changes. “BE the change that you are looking for” are powerful words indeed.

So on this special morning, as I “look” around my life, I am absolutely filled with joy and gratitude. It is so simple. This is my life, it really is all about me! I created it to discover my worth and it has worked! Diamonds can not be created without tremendous pressure, their very beauty holds value and so too, do I. I “knew” that the sound of my heartbeat was all that any of my three babies needed to feel safe and as the Leo that I am, I also discovered a fierceness that I had forgotten I possessed! Being a mom allowed me to rediscover many lost parts of myself. Each breath; each choice made for me, not against anything or anyone else; each one of many moments in this lifetime of choices has supported me remembering my SELF; my own heart’s beat. It has a rhythm of it’s own.

There is a new rhythm present on Earth now. It is a soft and yet powerful beat; one that asks, “do you know who you are?” I do. I am a bringer of balance. I exist, as a soft harmonizing note, having a profound affect upon the whole and helping create a magnificent bouquet of beauty. “YES, this is my full-time JOB!” Blossoming is my new energy business.

Today I “real eyes” that my soul sings to me :) and always has…and it feels good!

I have always hummed. Becoming a sound practitioner enabled me to understand that it was a  primary self soothing technique, an inner balancing so to speak. About ten years ago, when I began  this awakening journey more consciously, I began writing poetry, drum chants actually, finding it somewhat it amusing when the pain of separation temporarily lifted, that my early expressions came out with such a strong beat! Yet I understood once again, that it was the assistance that I needed to connect inwards to my own heart’s rhythm. This morning, as I stood at the sink washing dishes, feeling into how happy I felt inside, with still no outer “proof” that this awakening thingy really works and is real, I heard myself singing. They were intriguing lyrics indeed, not consciously chosen by me, not even a song that I remember liking much and it took me quite a few moments before I really began to notice and to listen. Softly and repeatedly, the voice inside my head was singing, “Oh darlin’ …please believe me… I’ll never leave you alone.” It hit me then, it hit me big time….


I never have been alone. My soul has been here all along, humming with me, whispering to me and singing, drumming, crying or laughing, just being with me, feeling all that I am, asking, “can you hear me? I’m right here.” Today I felt the fullness; the completion and a joy, a deeply enriching sense of myself knowing that I always did hear. I know now that this is enough. I am not missing anything. My soul speaks to me in my own language. It is not outside of me. I did not miss any boat, nor am I less than another who experiences their souls’ journey into the oneness of “I am” in another way. All paths lead home. All of us are on a magical journey of remembering all that we are, magnificent creative beings, living as human angels having the experience of being human, consciously or not. That’s all…make of it what you want, but know that you are never alone and have never been. You can settle in and listen anytime, remembering that if the voice you hear is critical or comparative in any way, it’s just your ego. Keep going, breathing, supporting yourself choosing to know all that you are and find the underlying tone; the one that feels good. I promise you, it’s there, it  always was…

Please share freely. Copyright Brenda Harley 29/01/13

Today I “real eyes” that I loved monopoly, as a child, for a reason…it was to pick up my “get out of jail free” card!

So life offers us an opportunity every day to simply feel, feel what feels good and what feels bad. Quickly life tells us that we have no choice, that sometimes we have to do things,like wake up on a freezing cold winter’s day and prepare for school or work, even if we don’t want to and go. Why? Because we must, because everyone else does, because if we don’t, others might begin to behave as we are and then all chaos breaks out! But then, isn’t this what physics teaches us; that in order for a set pattern to break apart, a new frequency or chaotic ‘node’ or particle must be introduced to help it break up? Isn’t this what we are meant to do, break out of the old paradigms governing life to arrive in a new one…and aren’t we? SO then really, life is working perfectly all the time! “Just feel what is real for you!” Just sayin’ Brenda 25/01/13

Handcuffs no longer tolerated! Do you know what yours feel like and how you operate within the “prison” system…are you ready to claim your freedom? 2013 offers a clear choice…to get real with how you feel ;) Just sayin’ Brenda 24/01/13