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A beautiful gem 💖

Joyous Woman! with Sukhvinder Sircar

woman and crow Looking to credit the amazing artist

She’s finding the gift inside her gift.

She’s arriving at the place it was concealed, waiting to be found. There was something she had to do first. She had to spend her gift ~ give it generously, abundantly, with all her heart. Offering it was an act of daring, but her gift would have it no other way. She nourished her gift, and it nourished her back. The goodness of it imbued her and her world. Her life and her gift joyously flowed through her. As she dived deeper, her gift shone in its luminosity, fragrance, music and poetic quality.

Her gift guided her to take many pauses, to realign and recalibrate her life. As she became more and more intimate with her gift, it is impossible to tell them apart. She is the gift fully matured. And one cycle of her rich life…

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Resonates :) Enjoyed a slice of carrot cake for breakfast just yesterday!! With thanks to another Brenda for this delicious post….

Welcome to Brenda's Blog

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Summary of Brenda’s March 10, 2017, channeled 15-minute “Creation Energies” show at   Perhaps you’ve displaying unexpected actions or reactions. Such is so because you dared to incorporate segments necessary for this earth life. Once you allowed yourself enough self-love to accept the gifts of those lives without fear, you became a different being. You’re a more complete entity than ever before while of the earth, so you have a different response to stimuli. You’re new you. 

“We’ve Graduated to Universal Adulthood” is the title of this week’s “Brenda’s Blog” – her weekly, channeled blog for

Brenda’s “Creation Energies” show and “Brenda’s Blog” contain different channeled information.

Dear Ones,

It is not necessary to assume you have to float within new energies if you wish to be of 5D or more. Just as you do not need to like every food placed…

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With thanks to Jenny Schiltz….


Yesterday I sat with the Equinox energies and felt this overwhelming need to journey. The purpose of my journey was to obtain information on what was needed to get us through the upcoming time period. I found some great drumming music, gave myself a full hour and let myself go.

I found myself walking to my familiar spot and I saw the woman I am familiar with that told me to simply call her grandmother, sitting around a huge fire. I sat on a rock around the fire and just then a warrior appeared and began dancing. He was dressed in full gear including leg wrappings. His performance was incredible and hypnotizing. He comes up to me and smears black on my face and tells me that I need to be a warrior. I protested and said “I don’t want to fight! I don’t like to fight!” he smiled and…

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Your Collective is Likely Pondering Channeled by Brenda Hoffman for Summary of Brenda’s September 9, 2016, channeled, 15-minute “Creation Energies” show at  The next few days, you’ll download new you software that will shift you beyond 5D first grade. You will do so easily by merely ‘fogging out,’ if you will, for a few seconds…

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WITH Thanks to JENNY FOR SHARING all that I AM feeling and allowing <3

  I got into the car this morning to take my youngest to school and the song on the radio was “Way down we go” by Kaleo. I had to laugh because earlier as I was getting ready I had a running t…

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With thanks to James Tyberonn for sharing…

Higher Density Blog

Archangel Metatron

Archangel Metatron via James Tyberonn

Sacred Banff & The Michael Vortex
Lord Michael & The Lady of the Lakes


Greetings Masters, I am Metatron, Angelic of Light. I am joined by Tyberonn of Crystalline Service and we greet you in a vector of unconditional love.

And so we return to speak of the exquisite vibrational frequency & stunning visual grandeur of the Michael Vortexial Portal in Banff. Now, there are many unique and unrecognized aspects to the areas of Banff and Yoho National Parks in the truly spectacular mountains, rivers, valleys & waters of this unique columnar of western Canada. Because of its gravitational anomalies, tectonics, electromagnetic balance, mineralogy and latitudinal- longitudinal placement there are rare benevolent plasmic fields that allow for a more tangible interface with the divine realms.

The sacred Lakes you know as Lake Louise, Lake…

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Many may be feeling the call to pull way away over the last week… this continues strongly even now as we continue through this HUGE POWERFUL SOLSTICE phase that began a few days prior to the recent…

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Absolutely allowing it all and it is feeling easier and easier to simply be me, thank you AKA Michael and team for this timely reminder of all that we are :)

The Perfect Time

It feels like we are in a very fertile time of deep integration and changes within…thank YOU for posting and reminding us that there is nothing wrong and no wrong turns, ever…

The Creator Writings

If you are feeling left out, left behind, excluded or ignored, do not be dismayed.  This may happen when you, in your current vibration, are not understood.  Even though you may feel lonely, know that those similar to you

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Absolutely in sync <3 with thanks for sharing, reminding and inspiring!

The Mystical Lotus ~ Tiffany Stiles


Dear Beautiful Souls! (EMPATHS~Special Report)💖

We are currently in a shift of releasing, purging and forgiveness. ALL that is no longer serving your higher purpose and the purpose of all is being brought to the surface to heal and release. As we approach the Full Moon on February 22nd this will intensify as full moons assist us in this process. You may enter a shadow phase closer to the 22nd to force you into this process if you’ve neglected doing this work in the past. All imprints from previous lifetimes and this lifetime are and have been surfacing for you to heal and let it go. Forgiveness of others and more importantly yourself is key to this process. See it through the eye of great lessons learned to bring you to here and now. Allow yourself to live in the moment, quiet your mind and balance the energies…

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