Category: The Beginning

So exciting….

It is a wonderful feeling to be experiencing an expansion in life. I am here now and have been waiting a long time. I have pages randomly filed throughout the house, stories told and lost of how I have experienced this strange and some times extremely frightening thing called ascension. I am so looking forward to keeping and sharing this on-line type of journal with you, so that as you encounter the various steps along the way, you might more easily recognize and be comforted by knowing that others too are walking this path and that there is nothing wrong with you. It takes a community to raise a child well and it is time that we, who are waking and becoming conscious creators, join together and support each others’ growth. We each hold a piece of the puzzle that will form the whole; this New Earth. Unity consciousness is born within us.



“AHH”….breathing into this space for the very first time I am filled with such gratitude for all that I have been through, as I slowly but surely made my way home… to me. If you are here reading this, then you too, are in this amazing process of integration, remembering more and more consciously that we are powerful creators. Yes, it has been a hard journey and a lonely one, but we are here now and beginning again, daring to breathe a new reality into form. The struggle is over. Each one of us matters; each with our own particular version of home to share and as we come together, supporting each other, we become unstoppable. “We are who we have all been waiting for”. Welcome to this New Earth.