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New Energy TOOL BOX

♥ for easy reference during 2012 :) … thanks Geoff ♥May 2008 Newsletter
What’s in Your New Energy Tool Box?
– by Geoffrey Hoppe,
(written tongue-in-cheek from Bucharest, Romania)Life in the New Energy can be a real booger, especially for awakened Shaumbra who are braving the new frontiers of the conscious/feeling dimensions. Have you noticed that things like crowds of people, loud noises, duplicitous behavior, OPAs (Other People’s Agendas), politicians and RWPACs (Rooms with Poor Air Circulation) are akin to fingernails scraping on a chalkboard? I’m sure we could start a whole list of ASSB (Annoying Situations, Stimuli and Behaviors) on the Shaumbra Message Board, and perhaps one of the first items on the list should be OUOA (Over Use of Acronyms). Well, maybe that’s just my pet peeve instead of a real ASSB, having spent too many years in the aviation business where acronyms were the language of engineers, computer programmers and MBAs.Every Shaumbra should have their New Energy Tool Box (NETB) packed and ready-to-go on a moments notice because you never know when you’ll need it in this rapidly-changing world. Here are a few items Shaumbra should make sure to include in their New Energy Tool Box:

1. Conscious Breath – Breathing is the first and foremost all-purpose tool in the NETB. No matter the situation or challenge, the conscious breath will get you out of your head and back into your body with the first flare of the nostrils. You can generally use this as a rescue tool without being detected by other people around you. It has the potential to change your blood pressure as well as the energy level in an entire room. Deep breath….. ahhh!

2. Short Wall – Of course, you don’t need to carry a literal short wall around with you. It’s a Tobias metaphor for stepping out of the drama, and becoming the observer instead a participant. The short wall is an effective tool in the midst of a heated family situation, during political elections, when watching the news on television or any other time you feel yourself getting pulled into drama, fear or agendas. The short wall can be deployed in a moments notice (by conscious choice) and folded neatly back into your Tool Box with the deep breath. The actual height of your short wall will depend on the situation but make sure you’re not building a Fortress Wall around you. The Short Wall allows you to observe, while the Fortress Wall shuts you off to outside feelings and energies.

3. Personal Quiet Time – This is a trick question: When was the last time you had real quiet time to yourself? As Saint-Germain would say, 9 out of 10 Shaumbra gave an incorrect answer. Just being ALONE doesn’t mean you have quiet time to yourself. Not when you’re constantly thinking about other people and other things. Have you ever noticed how un-quiet your supposed quiet times are? It’s usually time that’s filled with EEBY(Everything Else But You). Some old wiring within says that you can’t have quiet time for you until everyone and everything else is taken care of. Do some conscious rewiring to make sure you have some real, genuine, “grade A” quiet time for yourself. This is one of the best ways to get rebalanced and rejuvenated in between long bouts of consciousness pioneering work.

4. Sense of Humor – A lot of spiritual folks have the tendency to take things oh-so-serious. Muggles have come to expect – and even demand – seriousness from HEBs (Highly Evolved Beings). But that was your Mothers’s New Age, not the Shaumbra New Energy. There’s nothing like a good laugh to ward off the heaviness of old energy duality. And the best place to start laughing is with yourself. I have a feeling your soul is already laughing at some of your exploits so you might as well join in and find the humor and lightness to even your most challenging situations. By the way, Tobias and Saint-Germain love to laugh at me when I’m in a pickle. It used to really tick me off because I wanted victim-sympathy energy from them, but now I understand that this is their signal to take a deep breath (see Tool #1) and lighten up a bit.

5. Smiling – At the expense of sounding like a saccharine Hallmark greeting card, smiling goes a long way these days. You can light up an entire room or even help change the consciousness of the planet with a smile now and then. Besides, medical studies have shown that smiling slows down the aging process. (smile) Well, I’m pretty sure I read that somewhere and if not, there’s probably a grain of truth in it anyway. Oh just smile will you!

6. Gnost – No Shaumbra’s New Energy Tool Box would be complete without your gnost. As defined by Tobias, gnost is the “creative solution.” Or, creative solution instead of mental solution. Gnost comes into play when you take a deep breath (see Tool #1) and Stand Behind the Short Wall (see Tool #2). We’re reminded that all of the potential solutions are already available. Gnost brings in the most creative of the potentials, the one best suited to you and the situation. But it doesn’t come in from the mind. It comes via the heart and compassion and trust. We are often not aware of Gnost At Work (GAW) because we’re still looking in the old energy places for mental solutions. Or we’re looking for some golden angel or spirit guide to do it for us. NNNNNNNNN! (loud sound of annoying buzzer) Wrong answer. Your personal gnost already has your answer. You created it in the pristine crystalline realms. Now breath it into this reality and let it blossom.

7. Simplicity – I could go on and on about this important tool, but that would be totally defeating the point. Keep It Simple Shaumbra (KISS).

8. It’s Not About You (INAY) – You didn’t have to come back for another incarnation. You chose to come back for God-Only-Knows-What-Reason, but you didn’t HAVE TO. You’re a New Energy Consciousness Pioneer (I’m resisting writing the acronym) and therefore you feel energies around you, BUT THEY ARE NOT YOURS. We have a peculiar habit of taking on other people’s feelings as our own as a kind of spiritual social service. But that was then, and this is Now. You can allow yourself to FEEL everything around you but you don’t have to own it. Admittedly this is difficult to do at first because our old energy duality valve had two settings: FULL FEELING or NO FEELING. But the New Energy valve Now has a cool setting called FEEL WITHOUT OWNING. Try it next time you’re in a busy grocery store. Just don’t buy those feelings at the check-out register if you know what I mean.

9. Feeling – Last but definitely not least is the “feeling” tool. Lord knows that Tobias and Saint-Germain have hammered this into us lately. Feeling is the divine, intuitive sense that lets you go beyond thinking. In Shoud 7, Saint-Germain talked about “nhahyu” (pronounced NAY-YOU) or the sensing and awareness of consciousness. In the old energy we used words like “psychic” or “medium.” But those terms implied special powers bestowed on special people. Every one of us has intense abilities to feel, but so many of us have blocked them out or shut them down because it was too painful. In the “Nhahyu” channel Saint-Germain invited us to dive into feelings … to experience them fully … and then let them go. With wholly-embodied-and-fully-released feelings, you can amaze friends and relatives with your keen ability to actually perceive what’s going on in spite of all of the confusion and illusions.

These New Energy tools are carefully designed and crafted to handle just about any situation. They are all light-weight, portable and energy-efficient. No instruction manuals are needed because they are all quite intuitive. There’s but a single warning label on the side of the Tool Box: “CAUTION: THESE TOOLS ARE HIGHLY EFFECTIVE.”

And so it is!

With special thanks to Sharon Rowlands, who has reminded me of how far I have come and of course, the loving and continual guidance from the Crimson Council.




Thank you to both Nadine and Jim Self for this timely reminder! Even thought I am very much aware of the increased need for this simple remedy, sometimes my symptoms like to play a bit and help me forget…so for me and perhaps you, enjoy….phew…. the re-balancing going on deep in our cellular structures and pour yourself another one! Brenda

Water My Elixir

ByNadine,N.D., C.N.S


Hellooo…  Can you hear me?  This is your body speaking.  In a recent class with Jim Self, I heard him talk about the importance of water especially in this time of the Shift.  As your body, I thought I would add my two cents worth as well.


WATER is very important to us and vital to our overall health and wellbeing.  Our human body is anywhere from 55% to

78% water depending on our size.  I am proud to say that two-thirds of our body is comprised of this glorious nutrient, making it my main component.  Did you know that 90% of our brain consists of water, so when I have a headache the first thing I really want is my main ingredient?  Our tissues and organs are mainly water as well.  Here is the breakdown:


1. Our muscles consist of 75% water

2. Our brain is 90% water

3. Our bones are 22% water

4. Our blood is 83% water


By drinking a healthy amount of water on a daily basis, I can assist us with things like fat metabolism or the relief of muscle cramps.  When you give me my ‘elixir’ I am pretty coool.  To help you better understand how vital water is within me, here are a few key functions:


 Water transports Nutrients (good stuff) INTO our cells

 Water transports Oxygen INTO our cells

 Water transports Toxins (the yuk stuff) OUT of our cells

 Water moisturizes the air in our lungs (I love this) PLEASE

 Water helps me protect our vital organs (yeah baby!)

 With water our organs can then absorb nutrients better

 I am able to metabolize fat better with water

 Our joints are protected and moisturized with water

 Water regulates our body temperature so we are happy!


Can you see why I am letting you know that every cell in our body needs water from head to toe?  Our basic (minimal) needs are 64 ounces of water a day or 8 cups!  I metabolize fat better with double that amount.  After 64 ounces of pure water, I can make herbal tea work.  (You can contact Dr Nadine for a yummy ‘fat flush’ drink as well.)

One day I heard another body say “I’m not thirsty so I don’t drink water.”  I gotta tell ya, ‘thirst’ is the last indicator that I need water! Trust me on this.  When you feel fatigued, I need water.  Water, my elixir, is a source of energy.  When you give me my elixir I will give you a boost of energy.  When you have a headache, I need water.  When I am cranky, I need water.

Here are a few more clues as to when I am in need of water:


 When my Urine is dark and/or smelly, I do not have enough water to process

the toxins within me.  I need your help.

 When my skin is dry, I am trying to tell you I am parched.  By the way, did I tell you that our skin is considered our third Kidney?  It is also our largest organ and needs my elixir.

 I leave white spots on our skin (say after pressing our thumb on our arm) or rings on our ankles or waist to let you know I am lacking hydration.

 I use ‘thirst’ as a last sign to get your attention.  If we have hair growing on our tongue or bad breath, pleeease, give me some water.

 Sometimes I will even attack our muscles and make them cramp up or jump all over the place to let you know that we are dehydrated.

 I also let you know we are dehydrated by pulling out all the water from our colon.  You consider it constipation; I consider it a necessary act to help me find my elixir.



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New Energy Tool Kit



The following are some useful tools of empowerment:


#1 Saw: this will enable you to more easily CUT THROUGH THE BULLSHIT….it is time for radical truth telling.

It is also useful to SAW THROUGH THE DEBRIS FIELD of your hidden belief systems.


#2 SCREWS:  If you are courageous enough this will be your opportunity to GIVE THE SCREWS to all that no longer serves you.


#3 HAMMER: Remember it will take some time and determination. You did not get here overnight. So HAMMER AWAY away…. it WILL take time and practise.


#4 MEASURING TAPE: A journal is a useful tool to keep track of your progress because some days you will feel as though you are not making any and others as though you are moving backwards! All of this will be true and yet with careful observation and measurement, you will be able to see subtle differences, as the new YOU EMERGES FROM THE COCOON. This will only grow as you do and so will be much more fun to measure as you move along your path.


Brenda Harley