WHO is ready? ANYONE who is feeling the repetitive patterns in their life and is committed to seeing them from a higher perspective and is choosing to do things differently is a great candidate. If you are looking for someone to do it for you, to fix you or support your choice to stay safe and protected within your limitations, warning…this is not for you!

WHAT happens next? Brenda is a facilitator of change. This means that once you have made the choice, all of life will come in to support you, though at times it will not feel like it! As Brenda supports you, by listening from a perspective of compassion and having been here herself, she is able to hold those higher energies until you step in and ground them yourself in your own unique way. There is no other way. There is no one who will be doing it exactly as you are; no one. Your life circumstances are the key to your own expansion!

WHERE does this take place? With the beauty of the internet there is no need to leave the privacy of your own home. Through Skype and PayPal, payments can easily be made and sessions booked around time zones and availability.

WHEN should you begin? When your divine essence calls and you heed the call, the discomfort within you begins to grow until you can no longer contain it. The physical body reacts to this constant suppression and resistance with pain, the emotional body with fear and the mental body with growing anxiety and discomfort. Change is the only constant in life and yet it is the one thing that our human selves love to resist! So then, YOU are ready if your fears are equally met with a budding excitement to go beyond.

WHY should I make this commitment to myself? Because YOU are ready for change on a very deep level or you never would have found your way here. Prepare to meet your true SELF.

Rates vary depending on your requirements, from 80.00/session to a monthly amount based upon your needs. Just as a pregnant female decides the level of her own care, so too does the emerging human who is taking full responsibility for their own life direction.

HOW do I make contact? Simply reply to this post with your email address and I will be in touch to work out the details. I look forward to acting as your personal Dula. Please know that money is a primary obstacle for many right now and so if this is your major issue, the possibility of working on a donation option also exists, ensuring that no one who chooses support for this intense integration process can be left behind. Sessions can be in person, if geography allows, or by Skype calls. There is also group and Facebook support if desired.